Get down with the Bullshit with Bush. Incompetence with relish.

His divine glorious my shite doesn't stink the incomparable El supremo George Wanker Bush leader of the gun loving red necks of the good ole U S of A, stumbles over the pronunciation of Jemaah Islamiah the regional terror organization; during a speech at the Sydney Opera House. Friday 7th Sept.
After months of build up for (APEC), The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, Dimwit George pain in the ass Bush thanks his buddy in inefficiency our looney Prime Miniature(God 2nd class)John Winnie Howard for being such a kind host for the O P E C, Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries Summit.
This was another cock up by this infamous Boofhead when he botched the host country name when he referred to Wee Chicken Hawk Johnie Howard's junket to Iraq 2006 thanking him for his AUSTRIAN troops stationed in Iraq.


Vest Daily Gaggle


Anonymous said…
Hey now, Mr Vest

Zee hate seems seething :(

Love an American Day...okay xxx
Vest said…
Ah sweet lolly: So I must love an American today, please name one who may qualify for my affections and allow me to continue to dislike those who have a poor opinion of me.
Forsoothe and gadzooks thou doth set my loins afire fair wench -your wholesomeness of body implants lusty thinking and my pecker tingling. (Sorry no sex I'm British).
Anonymous said…
There's ME, Mr. Vest.
I'm an easy love American and as Yankee as one can be ;)
Vest said…
Lolly: "Well 'Yank' my Doodle it's a Dandy" :))))
Your delectable honey bush does not compare to the vinegar of gorgon the wicked Bush, (-------O-------).

Ok then you lovable Yanks; bend over and consider your assholes kissed-sorry no licking...yours drooly and barking mad 'Vests Dog'...yuk!! :))))))))))
Anonymous said…
vestie,wasn't there a song called THE BULL AND BUSH
Vest said…
Kate there is a parody(send up)going around on that medieval? song.

Cum Cum tickle my thighs and go down on me down at the old bull and bush...Ah wrong song.. er this is it below.

Come come; come listen to lies with me,
told by that villain George Bush,
What-a-bull shitter,
Comme-come listen to lies guys straight from the ass of George Bush,
Oh what a bull shitter
Oh what a bullshitter
Is President G W Bush
Come-come listen to his lies with me-
Come listen to asshole George Bush.


Sort of off the cuff, most people would be out of touch with the tune, Should this annoy GWB Believers-Touch'e. Too bad.
I have copy of an American bloggers un-complimentary comment relating to our Oz Prime miniature a while back, "Ow yer going Zom, little pee pants," just can't absorb criticism - poor boy, just bangs his head on the wall with frustration, we were friends once until I discovered his abominal secret. Bye for now.

Spell check gone again.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE YOU right back, Mr Vest XXXX

YOU, my friend, really make me giggle ;)

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