The Double Standards of NSW Registered Clubs.

Any reported foul language in all registered clubs in New South Wales Australia will see the person or persons involved in such shown the door very quickly.
Now on the other side of the coin; meaning where the monetary greed of clubs outweighs the moral beliefs of management and patrons alike, certain types of entertainment is tolerated behind closed sections of clubs where members who agree to pay obscene fees to be  hum - entertained by grossly obscene performers - takes place. The vast majority of persons who are bombarded by this filth and abusive bilge are mostly the beer swilling brigade whose other attributes amount to little such as the likes of dimwits  pedophiles and other dragged up morons with less brain function than a Rocking horse
Last night the local registered club of my choice had an ugly looking moron  named 'Rodney Rude 'performing on stage. According to the Club it was a sell out with another show in the offing prior to Christmas, but sadly that guy is not alone there are others treading the boards with similar noxious notoriety and there are those unctuous people who walk among us who are latent deviates devouring this filth, who no doubt will be the future newsworthy crims in the neighbourhood.
The future depends on what we do at the present.

Vest.... back soon.


Director said…
Vest it's called bending the rule's.
It probably isn't double standards when you consider that there main focus is profit. On the one hand they think that bad language and behaviour will turn paying customers away, so they ban it. On the other hand they discover that people will pay (highly) for such evenings, so they book them...
Profit driven companies seem to have few ethics, and less that they are not prepared to compromise.
On another issue entirely - while you have comment moderation in place, do you really need word verification as well? I ask because sometimes it can take me several attempts, which I find frustrating.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
RR is one of the unflushable Mr Browns in the entertainment industry. Mike.
Anonymous said…
You reap what you sow
Anonymous said…
Ah ha! I get it......... Rodney Rude 'The unflushable turd'.
Vest said…
Anon Not sure if I should allow your word turd on this blog.
I have heard of a Mus turd and CUSS turd but not a non flusher.
BTW There are other ways of getting to the point, regarding this and other blogs without using R R Type diologue.
Vest said…
Elephants Child: again thank you for calling, will try to sort out the comment overkill. I am very busy right at this moment and the next few days, will get my boffin No1 son to look into it during my absence.
Vest said…
There is nothing so impertinent, so sensitive and foolish, as our vulgar way of discourse when mixed with oaths and curses.
My English text is chaste, and all licentious passages are left in the obscurity of a learned language.

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