It has happened Again.

It has happened again. The people at number nine have cut across our frontage and have crashed into the ditch. Our box trailer strategically placed prevents  people in number 13 from doing the same , their frontage is looking like a Quagmire. Call me what you wish, but I refuse to move our trailer, plus they haven't apologised for blocking my driveway so I am stuck at home too.
The NRMA truck is now in attendance, So stuff them. Better still Bollocks.


Vest said…
And the saga continues, their car is still stuck. Big Problems.
Vest said…
Picture taken from our front upper balcony. Our house is double story full brick and tile. 4 beds, double garage, two bath.
IMS. said…
Video response:

Click the link to download the Flash Video *.flv file Client Number Nine

I know how you feel about that . I have had a similar situation, where a
neighbor drove up mu driveway and across my front lawn so she could
park on her front lawn.
She couldn't use her own driveway because her husband parked the truck
in the driveway and often another vehicle behind it.
meaning that 'she' would have to drive over the kerb, this choice being
too damaging to the car suspension, she chose to drive via my driveway
and across my front lawn.
When it was wet the damage created was worse, resulting in furrows
being dug into the ground resembling what may have been done by a
plough. Any polite requests for cessation of this activity were ignored.

It only stopped when i placed some a nicely sharpened metal rake head
into on of the furrows (and sitting on some timber so the rake would not
be forced into the soft ground.
- At least she was motoring safer with new tyres.
And I could walk across the lawn without breaking my ankle.

IMS TimeStamp
Davoh said…
Am not in command of a convenient "destroyer", nor "battleship" in your vicinity.

SOS in urban life is difficult.

(bit problematical to run real ships agound .. heh)
Davoh said…
rephrase, am not in command of a landbased frigate .. heh.
vest said…
Davoh: And spoken with a misty profundity.

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