Daily Gaggle Post number 850. And Eighty Five Today 16-7-26 to16-7-2011..

Suddenly I am Eighty Five, Fifteen beyond the allotted three score and ten, doesn't time fly. Time flies like an arrow some say, mind you up North in in Queensland, it's - Fruit flies like a Banana.
I believe it is our bodies which age with time. Just thinking a few moments ago of the time I was fishing for sticklebacks in the brook at Chalgrove eighty years back, don't think the local kids can do this anymore, because when I was back there in 2009, I noticed the flood gate was permanently open allowing the water formerly powering the mill from the back brook to increase the flow of the village brook, making hand fishing near impossible. Time changes ways of life, and now in the brook there is an abundance of brown trout instead of just a few way back, they would have been helpful in the hungry thirties.
Midwinter today , and it is showing  - cold and wet , tomorrow a small celebration, maybe. probably hit the sack early, after nearest and dearest returns from the club meat raffle, in any case we have T/Bone Steak earmarked for din dins tomorrow.
Everyone; enjoy your weekend... Back soon.... Vest.

Posted pre 16th July.


Jane-Stokes-Honour. said…
A very happy birthday to you. Hope both you and Rosemary have received my cards. Lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Debbie. said…
To dear Uncle Les,
Wishing you a very Happy Birthday and sending lots of love from us all
Deb, John and ever expanding family
Dylan said…
Two things to celebrate! A birthday and posting number that matches! Enjoy your dad Granddad. :)
Christine. said…
Happy birthday Uncle Les, have a lovely day, your card is in the post if a little late.

I've been a bit busy lately, love and hugs to you all.

Lower deck lawyer. said…
Read in today's telegraph.On this Day.622 AD.

The prophet Mohammed begins his flight from Mecca to Medina, a city further north,making the staet of the Islamic calendar.
Vest said…
LDL: I read that too - as well as the first Atom Bomb exploding on my 19Th Birthday (probably) saved my life as well as others fighting the horrid Japs.

Oh and about Mohammed's flight from Mecca to Medina.
If he had missed his flight or his Magic Carpet had been shot down or crashed, the World as we know it would be a much better place.
Jimmy said…
Happy bday u old young geezer

u remind me of 2 guys
MF Hussain, the barefoot Muslim Atheist painter . he died at 94 while romancing Madhuri and a host of other beauties, young and old

Uncle Diago, lived till 101
he never stopped erecting

he wud gifts to my wife (ex wife Maria) and he had pots of money

he invited her over when he was alone at home

and his paws was all over her
he grabbed her hand and placed it on his lap

and ....
Jimmy said…
Rose wont allow me to tell all
Vest said…
Many thanks to my Niece's Jane Debbie and Christine for your lovely cards. also Number one son Chris and number three son David and his son my grandson Dylan who phoned.
Similar funny cards were received from Bros in Law Percy and Stanley who live fifty miles apart but obviously think the same.
Jimmy said…
When you say someone is immoral, you mean that something’s wrong with his sexual life, says Osho

There is no future of any morality concerning sex. In fact, the very combination of sex and morality has poisoned the whole past of morality.

Morality became so much sex-oriented that it lost all other dimensions — which are far more
important. Sex should not really be so much of a concern for moral thinking.

Truth, sincerity, authenticity, totality — these things should be the real concerns of morality. Consciousness, meditation, awareness, love, compassion — these should be the real concerns of morality.
Jimmy said…
One-dimensional Morality
Sex and morality became almost synonymous in the past; sex became overpowering, overwhelming. So whenever you say somebody is immoral, you simply mean that something is wrong with his sexual life. And when you say somebody is a very moral person, all that you mean is that he follows the rules of sexuality laid down by the society in which he lives.

Morality became one-dimensional; it has not been good. There is no future for that morality; that is dying. In fact, it is dead. You are carrying a corpse.
Jimmy said…
Sex should be more fun than such a serious affair as it has been made in the past. It should be like a game, a play: two persons playing with each other’s bodily energies. If they both are happy, it should be nobody else’s concern.

They are not harming anybody; they are simply rejoicing in each other’s energy. It is a dance of two energies together. It should not be a concern of the society at all.

Unless somebody interferes in somebody else’s life — imposes himself, forces somebody, is violent, violates somebody’s life, then only should society come in.

Otherwise there is no
problem; it should not be anybody’s concern.
Jimmy said…
It’s A Fun Thing
The future will have a totally different vision of sex. It will be more fun, more joy, more friendship, and more a play than a serious affair as it has been in the past.

It has destroyed people’s lives, has burdened them so much — unnecessarily! It has created so much jealousy, possessiveness domination, and nagging, quarrelling, fighting, condemnation — for no
reason at all.

Sexuality is a simple, biological phenomenon. It should not be given so much importance. Its only significance is that the energy can be transformed into higher planes; it can become more and more spiritual. And the way to make it more spiritual is to make it a less serious affair.
Jimmy said…
What’s Really Important
This is something of the future. Clarice and Sheffield were having a mid-afternoon breakfast. Their Park Avenue apartment was completely askew after a wild, all-night party.

“Dear, this is rather embarrassing,” said Sheffield, “but was it you I made love to in the library last night?”

“About what time?” asked Clarice.
Jimmy said…
Don’t be worried about the future of morality concerning sex. It is going to disappear completely. The future will know a totally different vision of sex. And once sex no longer overwhelms morality so powerfully, morality will be free to have some other concerns which are far more important.

Truth, sincerity, honesty, totality, compassion, service, meditation — these should be the real concerns of morality — because these are things which transform your life, these are things which bring you closer to God. Ah, This!

Courtesy Osho International Foundation. www.osho.com
Vest said…
Nobby: Thanks for your good wishes. As for post 850, A little extra posting recently coupled with engineering a slow down and stopping on the right day created the mathematical likeness.
vest said…
Jimmy Thank you too. Also, Rose knows all.
Morality, your comment subject.
As most intelligent people see it.

Morality chooses the side who are able to field the Heaviest Artillery. IE (The Biggest Guns).

Also. Expediting for the good of the majority, is another poor excuse.
Eddie Jones, U/K said…
Happy birthday Les
Have a good one. We have someone named Rupert murdoch you can have on a free transfer.
Vest said…
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Jimmy said…
850 Posts, just Kwantity
no Kwality mate
Vest said…
Thanks Nigel For your Lovely card.
Please send your email address - (problems)
Vest said…
Thank you No 4 son Andrew B and No 5 son's Daughters Tamara and Jacinta for your Tel call.
Vest said…
Jimmy; Mr perfect. Would you care to swap your 'K' for a 'Q' and a 'U'?
Vest said…
Thanks Eddie Jones for your Email
Birthday wishes.
Eddie went to the same school as I 75 years ago
Seems like only yesterday, Ha Ha.
Jimmy said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jimmy said…
when its hard
forget the QUEEN
and the Queens English

use American Inglish
or Hinglish

we are like that only in INDIA
Rosemary said…
Jimmy. Curb your language.
Your comment deleted.

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