Real Men with hair Go to a Barber shop

The wind  and the bucketing rain was ignored until I arose at 9-20Am this winters morn,. definitely differing from yesterdays  sunny and warmer day, when I rose early for my pre spring shearing at our local barber shop.
The three minute walk stretched to twenty by gassing with neighbours on the way.
There are several shearing sheds around the area I live , in the main they are dominated by shearing Sheila's where the customers are mostly women. Men can expect to pay around twenty five bucks for a short back and sides if they dare sit among leering women who consider it their ordained domain.
Most women haven't a clue about cutting men's hair, real men that is, and a blokey cut or trad pudding basin job is not what you can expect at the Fashionable Ladies Hair do salon in Tenth Avenue Budgewoi, the haunt of the well off including nearest and dearest who usually departs those premises minus at least a hundred bucks.
There are convenience hair cutters and are described as such, these you find  in shopping centres, where a standard charge of twenty two bucks is payable or more if the patron requires more than eight minutes of attention. Each salon has several operatives on a shift system so it is unlikely you will have the same person more than once in a lifetime. However, my local barber shop in fashionable 'Tenth Avenue'(Sounds posh dunnit?) not as such , but  what you get is a friendly Blokie atmosphere and  attention from a real experienced Lady and Gentleman barbershop duo who will take time to do what is necessary. From my observations over time I have concluded the time taken on each male client averages out at around twenty Min's., and what do you get  for a max payment of eighteen bucks, well it includes a proper cut for starters plus a razor trim, hot towel finish and a free eyebrow trim. But  the best thing is, if you are a senior citizen. this all comes at a cost of 'Crikey" only Fourteen Bucks.

"How do you rate your barber shop"?

"Where do you get it" Tenth Avenue Budgewoi. NSW Ozstrayer mate.

Vest back soon.............. BTW It's still bucketing down.........rain I mean.


Vest said…
Remembering 'Sweeney Todd' the London Barber with the pie shop next door!
Wel1, there is a pie shop; next shop to the barber in Budgewoi,
Makes yer fink dunnit.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
'Oh no' Not Kate and Sidney pie again....Mike.
C A. said…
Frightening, to say the least.
IMS. said…
Thursday, 21 July 2011


A guy goes into an Aussie bar and there's a robot bartender.

The robot says, "What will you have?" The guy says, "Martini"

The robot brings back the best martini ever and says to the man,
"What's your IQ?"

The guy says, "168."

The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and
medical technology.

The guy leaves, but he's curious - so, he goes back into the bar.

The robot bartender says, "What will you have?"

The guy says, "Martini."

Again, the robot makes a great martini gives it to the man and says,
"What's your IQ?"

The guy says "100."

The robot then starts to talk about Rugby League, Victoria Bitter and
Holden Commodores.

The guy leaves, but having found it very interesting, decides he'll try it
one last time. He goes back into the bar.

The robot says, "What will you have?"

Again the guy says, "Martini" - and the robot brings him another great

The robot then says, "What's your IQ?"

The guy says, "Uh, about 40 ..."

The robot leans in real close and says,

"So, you people still happy you voted for 'The Gillard'?"
Vest said…
IMS; Or should I say A B'
It would have been more fitting if the robot was a Barber and the guy came in for a trim every week or so. Think about it. Stay with the theme.
WALLY. said…
And inside your head Jimmy.

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