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This movie is cool.


Vest said…
NO Jimmy You are the BURK ah.

Several ways of spelling that thingy, yours is not necessarily the correct way, you burk.
C A. said…
Oh how dare he be critical of the master.
Jimmy said…
CA the bloody Frigging British created chaos in INDIA

they spelt MUMBAI as BOMBAY
Kolkotta as CALCUTTA

Honour instead of just honor
humor became HUMOUR

they like to make things difficult for the natives here

We hit back we renamed VICTORIA Terminus as Shivaji Terminus

and BRABOURNE Stadium became WANKHEDE Statdium
IMS. said…
On 2011.07.122.2121 IMS wrote:
a friend

And a Happy Birthday to you on the 15th

Navy Blue of course........ what other color would it be?

From one Cancerian to another
vest said…
IMS: AKA Andrew Burt.

Thanks for Birthday Wishes,actually it is tomorrow the16Th July.
Bastille day yesterday my eldest Gr/Daughter B/Day.
Today my Deceased sisters birthday.
21st Deceased mothers B/Day.
24Th Deceased Fathers B/Day.

38% of my Known Relatives past and present are Cancerians.

Please don't ask for list.

When is your B/Day?
Vest said…
Hi there Jimmy: I see you are still blaming the British Raj for the problems India has created for itself in the past 64 years.

Most people are aware of the name changes made to places within India.
However the one most aptly renamed I would say is the Brabourne stadium in Bombay, to that of the
Wankhede stadium in now what is called Mumbai.
Are you sure they were not looking at you when the Govt changed it to Wankhede....Er ER ER.

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