THE English person and his weather forcasting. Also " Dont get sick on a Sunday"

Wednesday, 27.  Should have said Englishman when they meet always discuss the weather first, as most women particularly the English love to discuss anything but and are more interested in scandal like recently a bevy of hags in the club asked," is it true one can tell a mans size from the boots he is wearing, "Dunno' I replied , "But the size of woman's mouth could provide the answer to a similar question.
So being an English person by birth  the weather takes pride of place and the main local irritant  is relatively speaking  the  Cold and Wet (Like Siberian summer days). Yesterday was the second successive dry day for yonks. So waking S Y B-----d  our mower from his three month hibernation and being given a liter or so of high spirits he coughed and spluttered on the fifth pull, lots of time later approx 4500 Sq meters of grass was mowed, S Y B was resuscitated several times from clogged mud and wet grass and is now resting.
BTW it rained ten minutes after the mowing job and  several times today.
Thursday, 28. Cool or better still a cold morning with cloudless sky and sunshine, warm in sheltered areas, OK so far.... 0610 still darkish; fed Squawking magpie from bathroom window- pointed Percy and went back to bed for ten minutes, then up again , made nearest and dearest  a cuppa, then prepared veggies for dinner and read my fav newspaper , drank half litre of water had brekky cereals and apple juice. washed dishes and read Email.
Monitoring the flow Saturday evening prior to showering to go to the club. the evening out was cancelled due to a pollop? in my bladder discharging lots of crimson thingy. Finally giving up ringing known  doctors who were away for the week end , I managed to get advice from the triage Doc at Wyong Hospital  who convinced me that what had  happened  was that which I had thought it was.
On advice I drank about 3.5 litres of water before noon on the Sunday, by then the problem became clear and has remained so since, no pain whatsoever was experienced during this dilemma.and at this moment in time yours truly is feeling fine.
No doom or gloom on the family front... all engulfed in normality, Hmm.
Motoring news: I now have an unrestricted licence until I reach 87and my gold licence expires on my Ninetieth Birthday. another Hmm.

BTW: my shoe size is Nine and a half.

That's all for now, Back soon....Vest.

The answer is simple: if you want something badly, you can achieve it.


Kate...fb. said…
So your shoe size is a nine and a half vesty , geeze your a real goer. luvs ya Kate.. xxx.
C A. said…
S Y B, meaning What Vest?
WALLY. said…
What is SYB Vestie.
frog said…
Our lawn mower is named after South Yarra Football Club, ows about that then.
Rosemary said…
As for the name SYB I haven't a clue. My senior son named our lawn mower, and being such a nice person , I am certain it isn't named why I think it is. he wouldn't dare.
Vest said…
On one occasion We owned a POPE four stroke mower, just couldn't get along with it. the fuel/ oil mix was thought to be the problem. But the name 'Pope' and me being former Church of England clashed and only when I 'knelt down' to fix the problem did it start.

My Greek friend Leander calls his mower SYHOS, named after a Greek Island I'm sure.
Amy Swanea. said…
Mulling over mower names Vest has me thinking the the first two upper case letters S and Y would represent- Start You B, makes interpretation of other names easy, right?
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Have a lovely weekend. Lots of love Jane xxxxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
Amy: It would seem like it.

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