Fella's with Big Smella's sentence Dog to death by Stoning..

IF it isn't those Jihad goons or archaic Qoran cuckoos stoning their so called adulterers to death, we have instead those sharp beaked biblical bozo's from the 'Wailing wallers' team of stoners trying to outsmart their old enemy the Palestinian rock chuckers. It would seem that, the adultery thingy is not frowned upon as much as in the past with the vast number of Cat houses in the Promised land now into the thousands. Opportunities for a jolly good stoning are few these days. Rabbis are now too busily Bonking to be tied down to traditional ethics, Rabbi's er (Jewish Vicars or sumfink) condemmed a stray dog to death by stoning, "Why" because these simpletons thought the dog was the reincarnation of a secular ambulance chaser (Lawyer)who they had cursed for insulting them.
The rabbinical court passed down the draconian sentence after a large dog wandered into a court in an ultra-Orthodox neighbourhood in Jerusalem. When the dog refused to leave, one of the judges allegedly declared the lawyers spirit must have moved into the dog. and needed to be punished, and so sentenced the dog to death by stoning... Fortunately the dog escaped from this looney sect of the Faith Industry.

More on the Promised Land coming up soon.

Back soon....Vest


C A. said…
Ah! The good old HOLY Land.

Full of Eastern promises.
marx jun said…
CA, the Holy land Israel - Palestine thereaboutts is the cradle of hate lies and deceit.
Wally said…
I thought you saying a 'Jolly good stoning' was real funny, but not for the bloke on the end of it.
Jaded Jane said…
I am so glad stoning women is not allowed in the civilized world
Vest said…
Jaded Jane: Have you been doing a bit of freelancing recently?
C A. said…
Again Very Funny vest.

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