The R T A, Layabouts, Fascist Public Servants, Get the chop they deserve.

A GREAT write up in the Monday July 18, Sydney  Daily Telegraph, pages 4-5. Explains the past and
present short-comings of this unpalatable bunch of public servants, who until recently have enjoyed Carte Blanche among their 7,000 members, The former State Labour Govt could not deal with the RTA's unconditional authority as much as they tried.(union pressure) However the new Lib State Govt are having no qualms about sorting out the deadwood from these under utilized sedentary bludgers.
Reports last week of people being laid off with a 10,000 dollar redundancy payment, having been paid for doing exactly Zilch for ages does not surprise me.
Any organisation is liable to corruption if left too long without outside interference.
One insider suggested to me that, one way of keeping business on the boil was to maintain a steady failure rate among new drivers, call me cynical if you wish  but to me it sounds logical to me that corrupt testers, be it for vehicles or drivers, it would maintain a healthy wage or guaranteed employment for dodgy test results.
More failures more job security.
Maybe you are not a vehicle owner or driver, or you may be a person who  has someone who can deal with this and other onerous problems for you , but for the like of the lesser privileged hoi polloi;  take me for example, I have to front up to these droids once or twice per year.
You arrive at the RTA office and you make sure you park correctly; or the start of the visit becomes expensive, Entering the main door you become a number according to the ticket you remove from the Dalek machine, you take a seat and look around at the other tense faces awaiting their fate from the hands of a humanoid with a stoic attitude peering through the counter grill looking like a seasoned mortician. You await your turn to confront this apparition; hardly able control your nervous jitters. Your number is called, you muster up a truculent attitude to match that of  the shit face confronting you.
Shortly after your tenseness subsides you sit in the car for a couple of minutes before exiting through a driveway to the inside edge of the pavement where you stop to observe the road you are entering.
You are then told by the testing  RTA employee who informs you that you did not observe the stop sign (planted about two feet higher than normal) and about three feet before the inner edge of the footpath, (Gotcha).That happened to the unsuspecting lady being tested before me.
It was not possible to notice the sign approaching from less than a twenty feet distance. others parked further afield possibly.
The RTA boss Michael Bushby controversially stood down from his job  due to his ineptitude in controlling last years F 3 traffic debacle, will have to join others when applying for his old  $1,400-00 a day job  back  when it merges with NSW Maritime and other rail and transport organisations.
So far 350 positions and several agencies have  been abolished.... Great Stuff.

Now for the big surprise of the day,; Yours truly VEST that's me was the person tested for the 'Aged drivers test' after, the woman mentioned earlier. On returning to the yard he told me OK,  You passed see you in two years. He then gave me my form and I drove off.

The next person to be tested was asked  by the same tester,'Do you know this person and mentioned me" My beautiful granddaughter Tamara, sister of equally beautiful granddaughter Jacinta replied " sure do He's my Grandpa.  Truly neither of us knew we were both being tested that day, and so close.

Congratulations Tamara.  Love Grandpa and Grandma & Uncle Chris.

Vest.... Daily Gaggle.

He who does not hope to win has already lost. And for all lovers out there keep on loving.

Have a rewarding week.... back soon.

BTW. Vest that's Me,  passed His Medical and unrestricted aged  Drivers Test Thursday 21st July.
It was quite a frantic day, the wind and rain,  parents collecting kids from school and the new supermarket bolstering the crowded roads on a pension day, apart from the absence of a bomb or two it was still chaotic. But Mr cool made it. "Hoorah".


Christine. said…
Congratulations on passing your aged persons driving test, did you actually have to drive or was it just a medical?
Vest said…
Christine: Yes all the bells and whistles . A medical,(New Specs)plus normal driving test in pouring rain & wind, also at the best time like pension shopping day and kids coming from school with mothers driving.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Sports grounds became lakes and surfers rode breaks inside Sydney Harbour as NSW was devastated by wild weather yesterday.
Torrential rain and destructive winds combined to add to the chaos of what it now the wettest July since 1950.
The situation will only get worse with no respite until late next week. Mike.
Vest said…
Last Thursday, 21st, the tester and I ran to my unlocked car. Soaking wet I asked him "You didn't check my lights" (compulsory) "er are they OK" he asked,looking at the rain. I replied "I hope so" he then said so do I" smiled and off we went for the test. Twenty Min's later he Say's "See you in two years then, sign here" Signing I asked "Do I get a guarantee?" he smiled and left.

Maybe the RTA Employees have received a directive to be nice to the public, being that many of their jobs are on the line.
Vest said…
I was once asked when did I do my first driving test.
My reply was.
When I was seventeen.
On a 40,000 Ton British Battleship. HMS King George V.
Not on the Bridge but Four decks down in the Lower Steering position.( Couldn't see a Fing)

Ask for more info if Req.
WALLY. said…
Gee Vesty You picked a good time, It hasn't stoppeed pissing down here in redfern for more than a week' but it generates more plumbing jobs.
Mum sends her love.
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Dad on you passing
your driving test. How did Tamara go on her test?
David of North Richmond.
vest said…
David No 3 son: Beautiful Tamara passed her drivers test OK.
Thank you for commenting, Apart from you and your bro Chris few Oz rellos have time to comment, except for strange stuff from Tim.

Andrew and Tony, "How about a call on line. BTW thank you all for your B/D Cards.
Try skype. call Chris first mine will be switched off.
Jimmy said…
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Jimmy said…
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Jimmy said…
OK u passed the test
so u can continue driving your car

how about in bed
will u pass?

must ask Rose

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