Hokey Pokey

With all the sadness and trauma going on in the  world at the moment
it is worth retlecting on the death of a very important person which went almost
-unnoticed last week, : Larrv La Prise. the person who wrote the "Hoky Pokey" died peaceful1y recently.
Getting him in his coffin was a disaster.they put the left foot in and the right came out. Then they turned around. did the hokey pokey amd slammed the lid shut.

>83 :-., :> -~~,. The nlost traumatIC part for hIS fan-lily \/vas getling hini into the coffin

>. :> put Ilis left leg in -and things just started to go dOvVllhill fron1 :-..--::">ther£ ..




Jimmy said…
I get it
thats how u guys do the Hokey Pokey in Kangaroo land

We just do the Birdy Song for Weddings
Jimmy said…
Marne per Jannat mile na mile,
Ye hawa ye fiza mile na mile,
Chudai me kasar kabhi mat chhodna mere yaar,

Kya pata agle janam me tujhe lund mile ya na mile...
Jimmy said…
B00BS ki Atmakatha:

Mera janam 12 saal bad hua
Rang layi mere chahne walo ki dua.

Jab main bilkul choti thi,
tab top/frock mein soti thi.

Fir mere akar ka vistar hua
Nimbu badh ke Anar hua.

Jab main badhne lagi
Her kisi ki nazar mujhpe padne lagi.

Hua fir Bra mera ghar
Ab lagne laga mujhe dar.

Jab mera size hua bada
Jane kitno ka hua khada.

Bheed me Ladko ne hath mara
Mujhe ehsas hua bahut Pyara.

Fir na jane kitno ne dabaya
Such kahun to bada maza aya.

Kisi ne pyar se sehlaya
Kisi ko pyar se chusvaya.

Kisi ne mujhko msal diya
kisi ne mujhpe Apna rgad diya

Jab main gayi jhool
Log mujhko gaye bhool.
Jimmy said…
B00BS ki Atmakatha:

atmakatha is Autobiography

a grand in INR for the best translation Hindi to English
or French
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said…
Jimmy said…
to live in soceity
u have to conform ..

.... conform and fit in the mould made for u

what does not fit will be cut away
what is short for the mould
will be stretched out

u have to suffer a lotta pain
to live in the community

I want out

- Inspired by this guy

what they do to u
to make u conform

Jesus, He did not conform to the Law of Moses
He did not conform to the Book of the Jews (the Old Testament)

He was tortured brutally
made to carry a heavy cross

and finally at the top of the hill
He was crucified
Jimmy said…
the vLIC of INDIA says the average age at death of an Indian in INDIA is 72

I am 60
Jimmy said…
on Death
Today, a doctor reflects on death and the machinery of sustaining life. The University of Houston's College of Engineering presents this series about the machines that make our civilization run, and the people whose ingenuity created them.

Sherwin Nuland's book, How We Die, sat on my desk for a year. Now I've finally read it and it was a jolt.
Jimmy said…
Nuland takes on the most forbidden topic of all. Society lets us talk about politics and sex as long as we're careful.

But talk of death remains taboo. Nuland is a surgeon and medical historian. His book deals with a primary dilemma. To be a doctor is to fight death. Yet death always wins in the end.

Doctors, armed with spectacular new technologies, engage in a combat they cannot ultimately win.
Jimmy said…
It is a situation that becomes more paradoxical all the time. Nuland begins by explaining death itself. And it isn't pretty.

Death is invariably caused by a lack of oxygen brought on by a hundred different scenarios of system failure.

It is seldom a matter of passing gently over the Great Divide.
Jimmy said…
In a harrowing sequence of chapters he explains how our bodies fail in heart disease, cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, and more.

For those of us old enough to know our time's limited, Nuland's book is frightening at first.

But it grows reassuring as he demystifies death. He takes it out of that place where things go bump in the night.

He puts it where it can be seen and understood. He also deals with another seldom-discussed aspect of death.

It is that the old usually reach a point where they accept it.

Nuland quotes Jefferson who, at 71, wrote to John Adams, then 78.Our machines have been running seventy or eighty years and we must expect ... here a pivot, there a wheel, now a pinion, next a spring will be giving way; ...

There is a ripeness of time for death ... when it is reasonable we should drop off and make room for another growth.
Jimmy said…
But Nuland's main concern is with doctors and their machines, their compulsion to win the unwinable fight with death, their frequent inability to talk candidly with patients.

He tells of the reflex need to fight for a patient's life long after there's any profit in it for the patient.

He tells how he cheated his own brother of the chance to deal with his death by cancer. He offered empty hope instead of joining him in grieving the inevitable end.

In the poignant apogee of this remarkable book, Nuland quotes the hopeless words doctors tell each other when they fail to level with a patient: "I could not take away his hope." Then he adds,Unless [we're] aware [we're] dying and ... know the conditions of our death, we [can't] share any sort of final consummation with those who love us.

Without this consummation, no matter their presence at the hour of passing, we will remain unattended and isolated. Others have certainly raised questions about the technologies of preserving life.

But Nuland, coming from the very center of those technologies, tells us what every technologist in every field should understand. It is that we cannot let the objective purpose of our machines become ends in themselves.
Jimmy said…
The true purpose of any machine can only be shaped by the people it is meant to serve.

I'm John Lienhard, at the University of Houston, where we're interested in the way inventive minds work.

Nuland, S., How We Die: Reflections on Life's Final Chapter. New York: Alfred A. Knopf, 1994.moreChapter 1 SummaryIn Chapter 1, "A Strangled Heart,"

Dr. Nuland relates his personal experience of an individual he chooses to call James McCarty. As noted in the Author's Note before Chapter 1, all but one name was changed in the stories the author will share. Dr. Nuland was in his third year of medical school and working an evening shift at a university hospital.

Mr. McCarty had been admitted to the hospital after he experienced pressure in his chest and left side. James McCarty was the picture of an overweight workaholic who gave [...]
Jimmy said…

I over came my fear of DEATH
in my attempted suicide

when LIVING was immensely more painfull than DEATH
Jimmy said…
I lost all sense of SHAME
when they made me strip to the bone in college

I was extremely skinny
and I all ways wore long sleeved shits

it was more difficult to expose my upper body

I had good legs from playing football (soccer) in school

or so I thought
then there was psychological ragging too ..
Jimmy said…
I was ragged to tears for my bastardness

an INDIAN with a Portuguese name
who cudnt tell the name of the Father of our Nation

a boy who read the speeches of John F Kennedy

and spoke English like an Englishman

and cudnt speak Shuddh Hindi

and hadnt read enuff of MK Gandhi
Jawaharlal Nehru
Homi Bhabha, .....
Jimmy said…
the END of TRUE Confessions
now I am ready to go

up to dem Pearley Gates hopefully ..
Jimmy said…
Frankly I dont give a DAMN
if there is no HEAVEN and HELL

I enjoyed my LIFE
the HIGHs and the LOWS too

Jimmy said…
I did it all my way
and I want to die my way too

from a bomb blast
in a car crash
or run over by a drunken Salman Khan

or better still shot by Navnithbhai from FCG for exposing his fake certificates of Hydraulic Testing
Jimmy said…
Yes, I want to die with my boots (chappals) on

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