Words For Wednesday.All the fun of the fair.

The words this week are proposed by Margaret Adamson and Sue Fulton.  They are Precipitation. Lanky. Grotesque. Clockwork. Still. & and; Transporting. My story gleaned from them is headed  'All the Fun of  The Fair'.

        The picturesque village of Frogsbotton lies in a small hidden valley within the Chiltern hills of Oxfordshire in England. Ancient thatched cottages line the several un-navigable lanes following the fast flowing village Brook.

 Frogsbottom named after the17th-century licentious second Earl of Frogsbottomar- although many years had passed since this nobleman had gone to hell the vibes from his tomb within the gothic church of Saint Robin The Thief was *still, to say the least;  frightening.

Of the one hundred, or more villagers most carried the same facial features and habitual traits which set them apart from inhabitants from surrounding villagers. the prime cause of this phenomenon is the seed of the Earl which had germinated the loins of most of the village maidens during his wicked lifetime.

Strange stories abound in the village of *grotesque atrocities hangings and beheadings, headless horsemen and the like which give the jitters to unwary visitors *transporting them back in time Giving out the feeling something awful could happen at any moment Also the fun fair which had descended on the village proved to be not as funny as was expected.

The centrepiece of the show was to be the newfangled  'Roundabout'; or' if you prefer a ' carousel' and at a rip off price of a penny a ride the most exciting experience for the day. the local village idiot could perceive, one whose height could cause a weather precipitation a large lanky lad of grotesque appearance headed for the carousel designed to accommodate normal people,

 After leaping on the wooden horse he was told to keep his head down during the ride. Soon after completing several circuits of bouncing and noise and frivolity from other children The *lanky lad stood tall in his saddle waving to onlookers as he cheered.

Sadly the lanky lads cheering was brief and for one *clockwork circuit of the Carousel, His head being removed by a steel parallel support frame. Screams of horror from other children complimented the ghastly event. simply another to be recorded by the historians of Frogsbottom.

Vest ... Daily Gaggle.


Vest said…
Thank you Number One son.
River said…
Great story! I'll have to be careful next time I get on a carousel, which I do call a roundabout, or even a hurdy-gurdy. I'll be sure to check there are no extra tall and lanky persons on with me.
Vest said…
River To be sure Just be very Careful. Especially if it is the R O from frogs bottom.Ghosts and all that.

Hurdy Gurdy Another name for a Barrel organ or Street organ.
Anonymous said…
Wicked Walley From Frogs Bottom says. The villages of Watlington and Bicester remind me of Frogs bottom, oh and also Cuxham. A weird lot there mate.
Vest said…
Anon or Wicked Walley. Watch it sport I have non-blood rello's living at those places mentioned. I am sure none of my genes originates from places mentioned.
Ouch. A skilled (albeit macabre) use of prompts I found challenging.
Vest said…
EC I am overwhelmed by the generosity of your approval. TA.
Remind me not to vacation anywhere near The FrogsBottom lol. This was a fun read.
Vest said…
Only slightly confused. The wicked men of frog bottom are looking for new maidens to slow down their decline into lunacy. There is talk going around that there are persons with two heads wandering the village at night.
Larry Bennett. said…
I liked the bit about the gothic church of saint Robin the thief. Cool name.
Vest said…
Larry B. Yes, I thought so too it slotted in perfectly, its description suited the image of the obnoxious village residents.

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