Bread Rationing in Great Britain 1946- 1948.

Words for Wednesday this week use the theme  'The best thing since sliced bread'

    During WW2, Bread was not rationed within the British Isles except for the Occupied Channel Islands.

It was on my mother's 47th birthday, and she let us be boringly reminded of it in later years. It was announced in parliament by the Food minister Ben Smith(or was it, ( John Strachey)  That the rationing of Bread, Flour and Flour confectionaries were to be rationed due to inadequate supplies reaching former European countries occupied by the Axis powers like France Holland  Belgium and Germany as well as most of Europe.

This news on the 21st of July 1946, was not *The best thing since Sliced Bread to people in Great Britain most of whom failed to understand the reason for its introduction., the cause being supply and demand during the war being reduced by less production  in grain exporting countries such as the USA & Canada due to less demand much of the produce in the1940 season went to waste, however, it took some two years before grain producing countries returned to normal production after WW2  and bread rationing ceased in Britain on July 24 1948.

And all the thin and scraggy Europeans became fat and unhealthy after gorging themselves to obesity by eating lots of sugary iced doughnuts. lovely yummy yum...

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Andrew C. said…
Andrew C.
I don't normally participate in Words on Wednesday, but I always find your posts interesting. The sliced bread I guess meant a small measured slice, rather than a large chunk hacked from a loaf with a knife
Vest said…
Andrew C Thank you, Andrew, I do try to make my yarns as interesting as possible. Today you are my first caller, it must be the result of a few tired bloggers getting over the results of the AUS long weekend excesses.
A very clever way to use the word prompt!

With as fat as the general population is getting here in the U.S., we could do with a little bit of bread rationing. (Or more self-control.)
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Thank you for your regular visits, Seems most of my callers have been taken up with either the AUS L W end or in your case Halloween. Bread recently has been removed as a staple from the diet of my son who is trying hard to lose weight, therefore, meaning much of the bread we buy feeds the birds in our garden TYFC.
Lee said…
Interesting post, as usual, Vest. :)
Vest said…
LEE. Most of it is true from what I recall. :)

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