The new Harvey Norman Flagship Store ..A lot of Balls.

The new store opening in Auburn NSW in Australia described as a flagship store will or should I say must have a flag likened to that of the flag of merry England flying above its pretentious setting in skidrow surroundings like Auburn.  plus an Ex retired Admiral a member of its board of staff running the So-called flagship.
The admiral's flag is similar to the English flag of St George,. The vice admirals flag has a Red ball in the top left canton and the rear admiral two red balls in the left cantons.
 The misuse of the term flagship by out of touch ignorant pretentious high flyers, silver tails and the like should be ignored or banned unless the person is a Clam meaning a latter-day bloke reverting to female and without any testimonials.
Some of the store owners unsavoury dealing in the past were remembered by myself although press reports seeing him or his staff as squeaky clean did not come over as such about five years ago when I paid up front for a fifty-litre box  Freezer to be delivered. What arrived was not which I had ordered. It was shop soiled and had dents and was marked and not in its factory packing, It was returned to the store by the same delivery truck. Later we called at the store for a refund and travelled 20 klms to another store "The Good Guys" And bought a similar but a later model for less.

Definition of a flagship is any Repeat any type of warship large OR Small which carries an admiral within the command of the ship. The higher the rank of the admiral, the fewer balls he will have...on his flag.

Vest Daily Gaggle.  Back soon.


Anonymous said…
I am not fond of Harvey Norman and I am rather keen on The Good Guys. They have done well by us.
Vest said…
Andrew. It is nice to have something in common with a smart person like your good self.
hey sweetheart.. nice to see your still blogging.. how are things going. I haven't been around much lately..
Vest said…
nbrsspot blogspot. Yes, I am still going strong but had a gap of a few months two years ago while moving house and travelling plus a couple of times in the hospital Yes remember you well, but most of the blogs I visited in Nth America have gone to heaven. Like TSHSMOM, THE Zombie slayer, Wandering Coyote, Blue apples, etc. Last year my Wife Went to Heaven and I now live with my eldest son but still on the central coast of NSW Australia. And remember you have Two daughters and a hubby who used to work at P Wisconsin. Glad to see you return Call again soon.
Indeed, it isn't the number or size of the balls on a flag that matters. And calling something a flagship doesn't make it one any more than standing in a garage can make me a car.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski, A guy who got talking to me in a club was saying that he drove the flagship truck in his company, a twenty-eight wheeler and twenty-eight tons. Then asked, " What is the largest you have driven"?. I replied '45 thousand Tons'. Ok, Smarty says he 'How many Wheels'? 'One' I replied. ' The only one' says he 'Yes' I replied it was a Battleship Steering wheel Oddly the truth. The ex-flagship of the WW2 Brit/Pacific Fleet. HMS King George V.
Vest said…
The HMS KGV Had four steering positions. The bridge, The LSP. The after Conning position, and the huge HAND - draulic Emergency steering below deck near the stern.
Lee said…
Flagship also has the meaning...."The chief of of a related group".

Receiving bad service and/or damaged goods is frustrating. Both leave a long-lasting feelings against the business or service people concerned. It's best to shop around and shop elsewhere. We're lucky living where we do, we have the choice to do so.

Vest said…
LEE. Under Your Proposed definition of flagship or similar the Proprietor of a street corner grocery shop and the only shop in the village could be called or referred to as the Prime minister of his shop... The agony goes on relentlessly. There is simply one true definition of a meaning not several. the original creation will normally suffice.

The three senior living souls in our residence Are Admiral Les or Vest. Vice Admiral Chris and Rear Admiral Ginger Tom; Who is minus his allotted Twin balls.
Larry B said…
VEST I once had the misfortune to be an employee of Mr silvertail hand wringing wimp Hardly normal. that was the name being bandied about at the time.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Our ginger TOM Cat is the only member of our household whose present manhood is suited to the description of the flag of a full Admiral. T F C.
Vest said…
LARRY. So he fired you for being incompetent or being rude.

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