A Few more jaw droppers.

Most of these jaw-droppers are close to the truth.

   Until the1920's television was also known as Hear -  seeing by Wireless, Optiphone., Farscape and the electric telescope.

The French company Bich changed its name to Bic to stop people in English speaking countries pronouncing it 'Bitch'.

The 'Cassowary' is an Australian Flightless bird the size of an emu.it is also known as a Casserole containing unspecified ingredients.

A popular Roman hangover cure was deep fried Canary. .The Canary Islands in Spanish means the 'Dog Islands'.   Methinks that ye olde Roman cure was really the original 'Hot dog containing Es Span-ial Meat.

King James 1 of England only ever washed the tips of his fingers., and King Louis X111 was never bathed until he was almost a seven year old.

Octopuses and Squids taste with their testicles oop's sorry mistake I meant to say Tentacles.

North Americans.account for one-sixteenth of the people of the world but more than a third of their weight.

True. being a witness at the time,  On Passing each other at Spithead Isle of Wight Uk in the spring of 1948. HMS King George V A battleship heading for Portsmouth signalled to the RMS Queen Mary a Liner leaving Southampton. '" It is a rare moment in time for the King to meet his Queen on a misty spring morning.'Bon Voyage".

It has never been proven that the consumption of boiled hen's teeth is a cure for baldness.

In 1879, The Belgian city of Li'ege commissioned 37 cats to deliver mail to nearby villages. Not surprising, the project was a complete failure.

Finally True is that the brothers  Leslie Harry Compton b 1912 and Better known brother Denis Charles Scot  Compton.b 1918. Were English international sportsmen, both excelled in their time playing for the MIDDLESEX Cricket team and the ARSENAL football club. And they were not Clams.

More next week ..Vest Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
What? Boiled hen's teeth don't work? now I will have to think of something else for dinner.
Vest said…
Andrew., A combination of snake trotters and pigs feathers boiled in non-virgin oil supposedly works wonders for baldness. But it tastes so bloody awful it remains unproven until some idiot tries it.
My poor partner sold his soul for hen's teeth and you tell me they don't work? He has nothing left to barter for the alternative ingredients you suggest either?
Vest said…
EC. Being featherless means a saving of around $300-00 a year on plucking expenses.
So your best friend is a latter-day SKINHEAD. he probably is wearing a beany in frosty Canberra.
Nope. No beanies. We have been together a little over 40 years now and I have never known him with hair on his head.
Lee said…
My postman, Michael, is a pretty cool cat!!
Vest said…
EC. Wow!!. You were lumbered with an original Skinhead, Cool, Unique, My cleaning lady informs me that type of guy usually has a hairy chest - she appears to be extremely knowledgeable in that field. T F C B.
Vest said…
LEE. A cool Cat of Which Gender. More info Please.
Lee said…
I think "postman" is self-explanatory, Vest. (I've not yet succumbed to the politically-correct, gender neutral brigade...and am not likely to do so anytime soon...or ever!) :)

As is "Michael"....although I do know someone who named one of her daughters..."Michael".
Vest said…
Lee. I have never heard the Clich'e Postman before now or know what it is supposed to mean, However I truly hope that I have not caused offence with my enquiry.:)
More fun stuff! Thanks.

As for the Roman hangover cure... hmmm, that could explain the expression "hair of the dog."

And as for baldness, no such thing. My hubby just has a lot more forehead to wash.

Have a super weekend.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Here is a little secret, don't tell her I told you; but E C's Hubby has no use for Shampoo or conditioner. my cleaning lady informed me it is a sign of virility in men. But then again the Biblical Samson saga tells us the opposite. BTW I have lots of hair.
RO said…
I love, love, love reading about trivia like this that's not well known. You never know if one of these questions will end up on Jeopardy. I came across Cassowary at another blog this past Wednesday, and everyone was going wild wondering what it meant.(lol) Great post! Hugs...RO
Vest said…
R O.It pleases me that people take notice of what I produce on my blog most of which is my own work but some memories of the past collected over the years and sometimes seemingly forgotten material becoming of interest once again. Thankyou RO for calling. More Jaw droppers next week.
Lee said…
I'm very confused, Vest. Have you never heard or seen the word "postman" used previously? Postman....mailman....one and the same.

I am not offended in any way, shape or form...I have no reason to be so. :)
Vest said…
Lee. My very knowledgeable elder son tells me it means a male friend; Boy Friend, Partner. hopefully, he and I have pinned it down finally, + and her Loving friend. Lots of smiles all round I hope. X.

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