A few more Jaw droppers.

                                                                Jaw Droppers.

In the British Royal Navy, Bagpipes are referred to as Agony pipes or Porridge Guns.

In 17th -  Century England, effigies of Guy Fawkes were stuffed with live cats to make the figure Scream as it burned at the stake.

Beatles, John Lennon and Paul McCartney both had cats named Jesus.

Oymyakon in Russia is the coldest place on Earth; its only hotel has no hot water and an outside Dunny ie Toilet.

Mothers over 40 years of age are twice as likely to have Left-handed children as women in their twenties.

Until the20th century, left-handedness in a wife was grounds for divorce in Japan.

There are six villages in France called silly, twelve called Billy and two called prat.

There are eleven places in Utah USA called Mollys Nipple, Mollie's nipple or Molleys Nipple.

The 1978 Chess final at the HM Prison Wormwood scrubs in London England was contested between the "Moors Murderer' Ian Brady and disgraced member of the British Parliament Mr John Stonehouse.

Professional Cricketers who recently retired from giving their heart and soul to their former club Hampshire were named, Asher Hart and Chris Sole.

The very large sports stadium in Mumbai India, ( formerly Bombay) is called the "Wankhede Stadium".

There are Villages in County Durham England named No place and Pity me.

The people of France and Belgium acquired their taste for Horse flesh after the Battle of Waterloo when 10,000 horses were killed in battle.

The first 'Skyscraper was a particularly tall horse that won the English Epson Derby in 1780.

After the1945 General election in Great Britain, the Given names of the three political parties leaders
were CLEMENT Attlee  (labour) CLEMENT Davies (Liberal) and the wife of Winston Churchill (conservative) was CLEMENTINE...'. Now sadly "Lost and Gone Forever"

VEST Daily Gaggle. . More next week or soon.

Have a lovely Week-end. .


Lee said…
And there's not a mailman or postman in sight! :)
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Vest said…
LEE. And now I am really concerned. there is a need for me to consult a Media and an interactive multimedia technology boffin who is a consultant on regional varieties of the English language. Just for starters, Macquarie Dictionary says - POstman Bloke Who delivers Mail. Mailman see Postman. I shall now bang my head on the wall.
Jane, Stokes- Honour. said…
Lots of love xxxxxxx
Hmmm, it's makes sense that a reeeeally bad piper could lead to the bagpipes being called agony pipes...:)

Lots more fun stuff in this post. Keep 'em coming!
Steven Coleman. said…
I like the Guy Fawkes one
Vest said…
Jane Stokes Honour.Thank you Beautiful Niece. XXXXX.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. There will be more coming along Soon. T F C.
Vest said…
Steven. You are showing your wickedness -poor Pussycats. Thank you, nephew, for calling.
Mandy Bowyer. said…
I hope you are keeping well. I do wish to have email messages sent from you.
Sue Bowyer said…
That was an interesting read. Although I do like the bagpipes and sad and upset about those poor defenceless cats.

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