Intro to Vests Ribald Yarns.

    Most of the supposedly funny ribald yarns I have written relating to that of Medieval goings on within the Chiltern villages in Oxford shire could really relate to those people who lived there not even that far back as the 1600s in the mid1800s Many people rarely left there home village let alone travel overseas. A study of church records showed that the 11th-century church records  of my home village where I lived for several years from the age of five in Chalgrove ; a half mile outside the Chiltern borders; revealed relatives of present-day residents of the village; mind you a few did appear to be a trifle barmy and with similar features.

The Chiltern Hills are about 20 miles from Central London and are crossed by several major roads, remain remarkably unspoilt and tranquil to the eye of the visitor. This is a secret landscape, much of its beauty only becoming apparent when one looks for it, and you can drive across its four hundred square miles on any of the Major through roads and barely realise you have been there.

To find the real Chilterns you must leave the main roads  and take to the  narrow winding lanes or some of the hundreds of miles of marked footpaths among rolling chalk hills with hidden valleys, Beechwoods chalk grasslands and picturesque ancient villages  with stone and handmade brick and thatched cottages  mostly of which are six or seven hundred years old. And wherein lived some of my Characters mentioned in several strange and ribald stories of medieval goings on.

I shall try and piece together a few more yarns until I run out of Ideas due to the fact that most of the lives of those forgotten villagers revolved around the same old humdrum happenings and it will be difficult to infiltrate the minds and the goings on of these earthy souls forever.

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Vest said…
History today, Remembering ABERFAN Mining Village NTh Wales Where 116 Schoolchildren and 25 Adults died When a Coal slag heap engulfed the village.

And being an aged sailor ENGLAND EXPECTS all that'Trafalgar Day'.
My mother was English, and often mourned the countryside she had left behind. Not enough to ever return, even for a visit though.
Vest said…
EC. I had the pleasure of returning to Merry England On 21 occasions from the age of 15-40 Whilst with the RN. And since my return to Australia in 1971 after 25.5 years of absence to settle here, I have returned for holidays in England on Seven occasions each time on a different Airline. Where did your Mother live in England? TFCalling.
Vest said…
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Vest said…
at 8:28 PM

Susan Flett Swiderski Yes we had a very successful trip-quite enjoyable. A bit of Business and a visit To my No 2 son and his wife at their large cattery, and staying overnight. A round trip of 642 Kl. on Back late on Sunday.
The area she spoke most about, and obviously missed most was Devon.
I'm glad you had a good trip. :)

I think you have to venture away from the main roads in just about any town to find its real heart and substance. It isn't too likely that I'll find any thatched roofs around here, though. Too bad.

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