More and more jaw droppers

                                             Early this week
       Human bone is four times stronger than concrete, Banging your head on a brick wall to test this theory is ill-advised.
Alaska is the most Northernmost, Westernmost, and Easternmost state of the USA. Alaska strawberries were 19th-century slang for Dried Beans.
The longest recorded flight of a domestic Chicken lasted 13 seconds and the highest ever jump of a Rabbit measured 3 feet 3 inches (  or a metre. )

The black day was coined on the day of 31st of July 1970 was when the last and final rum issue was made to men of the lower deck in the British Royal Navy. Rum it was said to make sailors cough in their rompers and the saying ‘Dead Marine’ meant an empty bottle also cupids measles were pubic lice and a custard bosun the chief cook and a randy naval padre a devil dodger
Although the word rank is something that smells something awful it also describes these officers in an odd way. A lieutenant in the army is two ranks junior to a major, yet a Lieutenant General is senior to a major general, cooky to say the least. Airforce and navy ranks are confusing too, it would seem both air and navy commodores are equal  but a rear admiral is equivalent to an Air vice marshal and a vice admiral to an air marshall and finally an Air chief marshal to an admiral

While at the Charleston. USA naval base in 1964.  I was sent to the provost marshal office to liaise with them should any of our Brit sailors land in trouble with the local laws or any local authority. The Us Navy Lieutenant asked me why I pronounced lieutenant ‘LEFTENANT’ I replied it is the correct way and the original French wording because using the word LOOTENANT simply describes a person who dwells in a lavatory.; he was not amused.

The first recorded Judge advocate of Australia was a discarded son of Sir William Bowyer, Richard an ex-officer in the Isle of Man Corps. Tired of  Richard his adopted father Lord Atkins sent him to the convict colony of NSW  where he was installed as the judge advocate of Parramatta. At the time it was recorded he was the evilest B------d to ever preside as an administrator of the law. .It is believed he was an earlier 19th century relative of mine.

Richard Bowyer's Brother Rear admiral retired George Bowyer on retiring after losing a leg at USHANT 1793. lived in a large house in Radley Near Oxford. Which is now a pub called the 'Bowyer Arms" Yes, Most of my tribe have paid homage there;  I many times.

And just before I go. Another George Bowyer who looked remarkably like the captain Smith of the RMS Titanic was the Southampton Pilot who left the Titanic after it cleared the Isle of Wight. Clever bloke. was George.

"No more will the Bosun's mate Pipe over the tannoy be heard at Eleven Am "UP SPIRITS" and hear the reply from the messdecks.",STANDFAST THE HOLY GHOST".    VEST Daily Gaggle..


As always some intriguing snippets. Thank you.
As always, I love your collection of "jaw droppers," but what I like best is the devilish sense of humor with which you deliver them.
Lee said…
Some very interesting tidbits there, Vest. :)
Vest said…
EC. Your kindness is always showing.
Vest said…
Susan.Flett Swiderski. There will be more next week should I still be around. T F C.
Vest said…
LEE> Some of those tidbits are excerpts from a book called JACK SPEAK But most of the Naughty Nautical Expressions therein Would not be Quoted by A gentleman.

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