A few more jaw droppers.

         Not for the squeamish, I hope you will remember that!!.

 The words  Proctalgia, Proctalgia, Pygnalgia and Rectalgia, all mean 'Pain in the Backside'.

Before dentists chairs were invented, the patients head was clenched between the surgeon's Knees.

The electric chair was invented by a dentist. And the first Guillotine was built by a harpsichord maker.

80% of plane crashes occur in the first three or last eight minutes of a flight.

Spiders can survive underwater by entering a self-induced coma.

Spiders in Great Britain outnumber people by more than 500 to one. If all the spiders were Brazilian wandering spiders the population would be ten times more.

A Brazillian Work foreman applied to his company for housing entitlement being he had recently married. In his letter, he wrote Dear Boss I am now Married and require a permanent erection.
His Boss replied, 'Go take a walk in the Jungle and stop putting the Bite on our struggling company.

A bite from a Brazilian wandering spider results in an erection that lasts for several hours. This particular spider is often referred to as the Honeymoon spider.

The last speaker of the Amazonian language was a parrot.

Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Raven" was originally going to be about a talking parrot, seemingly bitten by a Brazilian  Wandering Spider. The poem was considered to be too explicit for publication.

Question. 'What do most convicted rapists in Brazil use as an excuse for their crime.?

The study of words is not the right thing for a person without a memory.

Linguistic analysis means a lot of people pointing out that we don't always mean what we say, even when we say what we mean.

Vest. More soon.


Anonymous said…
The ten times population of Britain did make sense after reading the rest.
I have to ask: What effect does the bite of a Brazillian honeymoon spider have on a woman?
Vest said…
Andrew. Oh, so you are a mathematician too. Clever dick!!
Vest said…
EC. Can imagine a woman's lover lying prostrate on the floor of Boudoir after a maelstrom with his eyes popping out at Least...

Vest said…
John Gray. Curb your excitement. should you require a source for these exotic creatures you would probably find them on Amazon!! Where else.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
Interesting stuff, thanks. I don't think I like the early dentistry where the head was held between the surgeons' knees.
Vest said…
ELSIE H. Seemingly the best option for the removal of teeth in days of yore. But not if the dentist had been previously bitten by a Brazilian Wandering Spider.
Vest said…
Happy 64th Birthday Chris. B. From your Daddy and Friends on BLOGGER.

"I won't leave you and I'll feed you now you are 64".

Crikey I must be getting old. DAD, luvs ya.
Sue Bowyer said…

Informative as always. I'll pray extra hard next time I am on a plane. Thank goodness Britain doesn't have those spiders nor do we have to endure a dentist's knees!!!!
Vest said…
Sue B.Nearly half of all Airline pilots admit they have fallen asleep on the job. Most males sleep well after.
Lots of fun tidbits here. It's a wonder some big Pharma company hasn't figured out a way to make money from that Honeymoon spider. And NOW, thanks to you, I never have to refer to something merely as a "pain in the butt" again!
Vest said…
Susan F S. I would imagine big pharma would water it down which would ruin its purpose but it would prevent absenteeism from employment and an extended recovery period.
messymimi said…
Even when we say what we mean, we often do not mean what we say — that’s quite deep!
Vest said…
messymimi. Bitova Conundrum.

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