Words for Wednesday.

The words proposed by Delores are

Left. Batchelor. Dripping. Movies. Doorway. Mansion.

   Wayward Batchelor Earl Snodgrass, waited in the shelter of the stable. Although Dripping wet from the rain,  he knew this would be the best opportunity to access the interior of the Mansion.

The current owner a card shark had recently sold the Mansion; the former property of Snoddy lost in a poker game. for cash to a local drug lord, who with friends were attending a new movie in town and dinner laid on by the real estate agent- another crook.

Snoddy did not wait long before the revellers returned. a dozen or so rushed from their cars through the rain to the doorway opened by the butler, Snoddy seizing his chance dressed in a hoody joined the guests then after entering hid in a secret hiding place known only to himself.

Snoddy had the new keys to the safe containing Two Million Dollars in cash. The keys were provided by the locksmith's daughter who had earlier copied them and was waiting to pick up Snoddy during the silent hours and speed to the airport and a flight to Costa Rica The Rich Coast in South America. Good luck Snoddy.

Vest Daily Gaggle. back soon.


Lucky Snoddy - and I hope the locksmith's daughter has a wonderful life with him. This is a fun take on the prompts.
Vest said…
John Gray Thank you for your call, will visit you soon.
Susan Kane said…
You can do this, Snoddy! Run, like the wind!
Vest said…
E C.They will live like royalty in Costa Rica.
Vest said…
Susan Kane. Good or bad Snoddy is a Hero to all.
Lee said…
Martin Scorsese could make a movie out of this!

Good one, Vest! :)
messymimi said…
We had a friend growing up whose father lost everything to a partner who ran away to Brazil with the secretary and all the money. His body turned up in the river a few weeks later, and she was never heard from again. Everyone figured she lived a life of luxury from then on.

Every time i read about a man making such a getaway with a woman, i wonder if he’s going to survive!
two million is a lot of money.
I did a story and other meme
Coffee is on
Vest said…
Messymimi. I would hazard a guess and say that conniving little bitch was the mastermind and Snoddy with the brain of a rocking horse will end up on skid row.
Vest said…
LEE. Hope springs eternal, it is possible but I have strong doubts.
Vest said…
Peppylady.(Dora). As you say 2 Million is a lot of moola but only to those who are poor.
Thank you for calling.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
I agree, good Luck Snoddy. Great use of the words.
Vest said…
Elsie H. That pair of lovebirds Remind me of an oldie Song from way back
"She was a sweet little dicky bird; tweet tweet tweet she went.
Sweetly she sang to me til all my money was spent.
Then She went off song and we parted on fighting terms.
She was one of the early birds'
and I was one of her worms.
He may have lost it all in a poker game to start with, but in the end, he won a huge pot. Let's hope his new lady friend doesn't turn him into a penniless worm.
Vest said…

Susan Flett Swiderski. He would trim her flight feathers and add a ball and chain to prevent departure but only should she show signs of flight.
Christine said…
Wayward bachelor indeed. Come see my story here.
Vest said…
Christine. Yes, I have called and I have read your story. Thanks.

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