Words undiscovered this week.

 I failed to find words this week so I have substituted some factual nonsense instead.
 One in 7 UK used banknotes carry traces of anal bacteria, In Zimbabwe, Most banknotes are used as cheap toilet paper.

 Winnie Pooh's real name is  Edward Bear.

It is illegal in China to show TV  Ads for haemorrhoid cream during mealtimes.

 The offspring of a Polar bear and a Grizzly bear is called Pizzlybear.

Jrr Tolkien and Adolf Hitler, both fought in the battle of the Somme during WW1.

During Adolf Hitlers years in power, his book Mein Kampf was given freely to all newlyweds

'Dogging in German means, Jogging with your dog and other activities.
The Asian firm of Samsung's first product was fish

More than half of the fish marketed as Tuna in the USA, Is not Tuna
My last couple of weeks has been swallowed up with medical, social. family and  other unexpected activities.
Back soon, Vest.


I hope that some at least of the activities which swallowed up your weeks have been pleasurable.
The words are up at Mumblings.
Sue Bowyer said…
Good morning Les,

Mmm, some fascinating insights there! Don't think I would like to go to Zimbabwe or maybe I would, seems like there's plenty of cash to liberally throw around!
Whilst China would be one of the last places I'd visit, I do agree with not airing unsuitable material whilst eating, perhaps it would go down well in Zimbabwe🤣

Last but not least, I'll be mindful of eating "tuna" in the U.S whenever I go back there.... Greg's brother, Roger lives in Pasadena, he works in developing telescopes or such and other things for JPL/NASA. Roger's 3 kids also live in close proximity and have degrees in mechanical engineering,, 2 sons and a daughter. Unfortunately their Mum passed away nearly 13 years ago from breast cancer. It's been 3 years since Dad passed away on August 25.

Hope you have been well. Looks like you had a nice dinner out with Chris, David and Mandy.

I'm looking forward to having next week off. I've been "promoted" to the accounts section at work, so different to being in the Court Room! But I am called upon to assist as a Court officer if the Court Section is short staffed.

Have a lovely day, it's foggy here at the moment but
Andrew H_R. said…
Love it all Les.

Vest said…
EC. The most pleasurable moment was The luncheon at the Entrance on Fathers Day.
Vest said…
SUE. A wheelbarrow load of Zimbabwe currency would cost less than Au$0-25.
Thank you for your information.
Vest said…
ANDREW. Beware, there is more on the way.
messymimi said…
Very interesting facts. Remind me to wash my hands after touching money, like my MawMaw always told me to do.
Vest said…
Messymimi. When in doubt, Wash your hands.

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