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Hitch, Quack, Curtains, Deplorable.Mundane, Ravelled.
My unhappy story Goe's.---

     During my later years, visits to my local Quack IE Doctor at my local hospital have become quite Mundane, most visits go along without a Hitch-even when having to display one's essentials when stripped.
However, a recent visit to the hospital left me Un- Ravelled when two young trainee nurses entered the room- which I found Deplorable, although the procedure they were witnessing was behind closed curtains, the doctor explained it was part of the nurses training.  nevertheless I myself found it to be totally embarrassing.

 I must admit what happens under anesthetic one is rarely aware of, but in broad daylight, it is a different matter.
Vest... Daily Gaggle.


This is sadly familiar.
Sorry that you (and I) have gone through this.
Elsie Hanlin. said…

I'd be a bit unravelled too. The doctor is supposed to ask you first if you mind and if you say no you don't want others watching he is supposed to respect that.
Sue Bowyer said…
Enjoyed a good laugh, thanks, Les. SUE.
As long as they didn't giggle, right???
Susan Kane said…
Good use of those words. To be displayed as if you were a manikin, is dehumanizing.
Lee said…
I laughed, too....great story, Vest! Lift your head high...nothing to be ashamed of! :)
Vest said…
This is a general reply to all the 'young ladies who were courteous in their reply to my dilemma. This is the Gospel truth.
I would also like to say it was not the first occasion this has happened. Many years ago at half of my present age, I was having tummy problems which had to be diagnosed. My next door Neighbour was a nurse at the local hospital and to whom I confided to regarding my predicament... On the day of the intrusion I had to have a Barium meal ENEMA at the hospital and the prank that the neighbour pulled was half a dozen trainee nurses doing the enema thingy.

On arriving home My wife and neighbour were there to greet me, Both were laughing their heads off- even before I said a word.. Yes you can Guess. It was a prank and I had been set up.
messymimi said…
It is true they need to train the new nurses and doctors. It's a bit difficult on the patients, though, when they don't want trainees in there. Here, they must ask if it's okay first. Since i was raised by a doctor and a nurse, i always say yes and try to be helpful to them, but that's just me, i want them well trained.
Arlee Bird said…
Under the right anesthetic along with other good drugs I guess I don't care who does what. I've been in this situation at least twice that I can remember.

Arlee Bird
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