Jaw droppers. on wednesday

                                          Have a giggle at these.

Second Street is the most common street name in the USA. First Street is the third most common.

Most Clams begin life as Males, but half of them turn female when older (Tim you are a Clam!.)

The green zone golf club is on the border of Finland and Sweden: half of the holes are in one country and a half in the other.

The first woman to play golf was Mary Queen of Scotts.

Bruce Lee, was Hong Kong's Cha-Cha dance champion.

Women look their oldest at3,30 pm on Wednesday. I am lost for words. (Again).

George W Bush was a college cheerleader (Possibly a clam).

The oldest dance still performed is the Austrian shoe - slapping dance.

Nudiustertian means'relating to the day before yesterday.

Vest... Daily Gaggle.


messymimi said…
First Street is usually renamed after someone locally famous, i think that’s why the name is less common. Great fun facts, and i am going to learn and use the word Nudiustertian somehow.
I am glad that it is now nearly five. I am looking younger (a bit) by the minute.
And Nuiustertian is a wonderful word.
Thank you.
Vest said…
Messymimi. How about the following.for example.

Nudiustertian I did my weekly shopping in the pouring rain. I really should have done my shopping today in the brilliant sunshine. "How is That?".
Vest said…
EC, I promise not to gaze upon your wonderful countenance at three thirty PM.
Anonymous said…
I am almost wordless, but not quite. Each one of these is amazing. I will search Youtube to see Bruce Lee dancing and slip into conversations that women look their best at 3.30 on Wednesday's. I don't want to remember George Dubbya, and certainly not in a short pleated skirt.
Julie Bowyer. said…
I think he was a clam from the beginning lol xo
Dylan Bowyer. said…
The street one and Finland one were my favourites!
Chris B said…
Very good! And, the most common street name in Australia is George Street.
Vest said…
Andrew. Watch this space there are more to come.
Vest said…
Julie There would be no person wiser than yourself aware of the Clam theory, Thank you Julie for your comment,x.
Vest said…
Dylan. Thankyou grandson and Mathematical genius. Watch this space next week.
Sue Bowyer said…
Very interesting yet again.

330 it is on a Wednesday arvo. Have to watch out for that. Wonder how many men turn into clams on that day and time too!

Hopefully, I looked a bit younger today, after all, I did get a haircut and an eyebrow wax!!!
Vest said…
Sue B. You are as young as the person you are feeling; Er I think that is correct and as old as one's Aches and Pains.
Vest said…
Among my callers on this post, I have Two Ex Daughters in law, Two lovely Ladies. Memories.
Vest said…
Chris. Your assumption that George Street is the most used name for a street in Australia, is incorrect. Railway and Station streets are the leaders. Sorry, Pal.

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