Belated Words

This is not the original story intended for words this week, the previous Yarn was derailed by Google’s saving option which failed. I tried all of the recovery options to no avail.
I am not bent on becoming stoned or wallow in self-pity, I am simply not going to give up, I shall bridle my resources and endeavour to write something worthwhile.
It has recently come to my notice that my five sons are not united in their love for one another, the dislike for the incorrigible No 5 son is common, plus 2 and 4 don’t see eye to eye but whatever their differences it is of no concern to me.
Personally, I  never try to change people’s opinion of myself, if they like me -they like me if they don’t well they don’t. If you have enemies? Good, it means you have stood up for something sometime in your life. And if people don’t like you that is their problem., not yours. Maybe their sports team lost the night before or they are having a bad day, maybe you remind them of the kid who pushed them around at school. Don’t waste your time on those who do not like you, and put that energy to those who do.
The exciting part of the aging process is the bit where you start to care less about what people think about you. Alternatively, if everyone doesn’t like you, perhaps you should consider adopting a Dog, who will love you unconditionally.
We need words to keep us human. Being Human is an accomplishment like playing the Piano, it takes practice.

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Elsie Hanlin. said…
I agree with this. I have friends and don't care one bit about those who don't like me. Most of my kids like each other, although daughter #2 doesn't like son #1 for things he has done in the past. He still likes her and hopes they will eventually be friends again when they are old.
Vest said…
E C. Thanks. The sunshine has made me more compatible today.
Vest said…
Elsie H. I love all of my children and their issue too, although No 5 son may be a rascal(and a Clam) he tells me he loves me, I being a frequent source of financial recovery for him. but as you say it would be nice to see total compatibility before they become aged.
Sue Bowyer said…
Yep, so true Les,

I feel the same, as I get younger ��, like my Dad used to say "I don't give a damn"

If people like me, love me or loathe me, I am who I am. No one pays my way, but me.

They say blood is thicker than water, you can't choose your family and friends can be enemies along with friends are better than family. And even, a dog is a man's best friend and they can't hurt you. I guess all these sayings pertain to humans being unloved, ignored, not understood, ignorant etc

But we are who we are, we're a complicated lot and that's what keeps the world going around. It would be rather boring if we all were "normal".

Have a lovely long weekend
Great use of the words!

I think, perhaps, as we get older, we all come to this same conclusion. I've always been one of those kinds of people who loves other people, all kinds of people, and I generally bend over backwards to make them happy. Know what? That can be exhausting! It's much more freeing to just be me and like people all I want, without caring a fig what they think of me. I'll not stick out my chin and invite people to kick me, and I'll shed no tears over unkind words. If they like me, fine. If not? C'est la vie. Life goes on.

Have a wonderful weekend.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. Thank you, nice person, for your great reply, It is persons like you who keep the world sane and livable.
My dear departed wife was the most caring person in my life, seemingly ageless and beautiful.
Testimony to her worth was the more than the expected arrival of mourners at her funeral which strangely included three ex-daughters in law. And the pleasantries at the wake a joy to behold.
Anonymous said…
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Dylan Bowyer. said…
I support the general notion of not caring about what others think of you. However, couldn't you use it as a chance to self-reflect, think about why someone may not like you?
Vest said…
Dylan, I suppose one could But I would not let it concern me unless it could be fatal. other people hardly know you unlike yourself who does.
How is the house coming along, Finished yet?.
Vest said…
Susan Bowyer.. HI sue, Remembering your father as a nice guy who put himself out to be amicable and friendly And I certainly will not forget his HI jinks at the club. All in good taste of course. luvs ya.
Vest said…
Susan Flett Swiderski. The Susan B commenting above is an ex Daughter in law, just thought I would let you know.
Vest said…
EC.. Finally I reply. I try hard to please - Sometimes I do not have the words worthy of your praise. T F C.

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