Summer Will Arrive Tomorrw.? Plus good riddance.

According to the Australian Weather pundits, Our summer will be arriving tomorrow on the beautiful moderate Central Coast of New South Wales Australia.
It is rather odd that I should be sat in the garden with a jumper on grasping veggies I have just uprooted awaiting the arrival of the Sun. Our sun dial has gone back to bed as the thermometer  had only managed to rise to 17 C  at Mid day. However, a smidgen of sunlight is filtering through the dark clouds which promise yet another downpour, I am saying this is peculiar weather due to the last day of our recent winter clocked up a 35 d C in our neck of the woods and more than 40dC in other parts of the State
I recently wrote to both our state and fed govt weather blokes who replied in similar vein that it is not possible to provide an answer to this dilemma, this being due to God aka little John slamming the phone down after he explains he has retired and lives on the central coast at Tea Gardens NSW, and to please  Phone The Australian Embassy in Jakarta where his Son Jesus our PM   is delivering a final warning to a  bunch of layabout squawking penny pinching ungodly suicide bombers that due to a  downward trend in the supply of virgins,  only those who blow themselves up twice will obtain the privilege of lazing around in heaven with a bevy of virgins.

The overnight furore regarding the Indonesian Air Force Flight crew who were preparing to fly the Aged Rust bucket former OZ Air force Hercules transports for free to join the rest of Indonesia's creaky Air force, Was delayed due to the indo crew being nobbled by the Aus Authorities for attempting to smuggle Australian Exotic birds out of Australia .  A  Jail sentence normally imposed for this misdemeanour has been waived so it seems , This was due to the urgency to be rid of these aircraft which were due to be land fill anyway and the Indo flyer's coming up with a real bender saying that it is the will of Allah that all  aircraft acquisitions should be accompanied by a real live bird to fortify the confidence of the plane and its crew . The planes took off carrying several pink and grey parrots (Galah's) due to the size of the Aircraft. It was unofficially stated by a Govt Rep It is such a pity more Stupid Galahs  cannot be rid of this way
The name Galah is colloquially used to indicate a stupid person in Australia. Be careful.
Must go, back to the Desk and more Xmas cards to send.

Back soon....Vest.......Go on,  "SMILE"....................copyright.


Sophie. War records. said…
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Vest said…
Sophie: I may consider your offer but only if you are able to reveal- or anyone for that matter, the most intelligent person within the British armed forces. you have 48 hours from now or the offer becomes void. Vest.
BTW. Aussies may have the answer but it may be taxing for Nth Am's.
However, this is not a clue.
Anonymous said…

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Vest said…
Anon: I could not contact your Web site. Must have been too cold here when it arrived from your warm clime and passed away.

8AM today was 12degrees C where I am now sitting, outside much cooler and it is cloudy with drizzle,yet this is our first day of summer in this Similar to Mediteranean climate.
Sort of retro global warming.

Gazing from my upper windoow I witnessed teenager MR "LOOK AT ME I'M A RACING DRIVER" Tear down the Road in his car in firsr gear burning rubber and narrowly escaping his demise from contact with a ten ton truck. He has already destroyed two cars.
Am taking bets he will be cremated within a year.
Vest said…
The generosity of my time spent calling on other blogs will be severely restricted due to the inconvenience of this forthcoming festive PERIOD the big COME On.
Should you call here; I will return your call.
Most of my friends and relatives both in Oz and the U/K seem to have gone off to another planet--- never mind I am still here if required to assist in your enquiries when you wake from your hibernation.
Vest said…
Sadly another teenage surfer has died when taken by a Shark off the north coast.
Humans should not swim in the sharks dining room.
Ocker in Bali said…

AN Indonesian passenger jet crashed into a cow and skidded off the runway as it came into land at an airport in the centre of the archipelago, officials say.
No-one was killed or seriously injured when the Lion Air plane carrying 110 passengers collided with one of three cows wandering on the runway as it arrived late on Tuesday in Gorontalo, on Sulawesi island.

The cow, however, was crushed to death under one of the Boeing 737-900's middle wheels, head of Jalaluddin airport Agus Pramuka told AFP on Wednesday.

The pilot, Iwan Permadi, told state-run Antara news agency he could smell "burning meat" as the jet ran over the animal.

He said he thought there were dogs in front of the plane as it came into land, "but it turned out there were three cows wandering in the middle of the runway".

Pictures showed the dead cow under the aircraft's wheel in a field. The plane, which suffered minor damage, had skidded into the field next to the runway, with its tail still on the runway.

All the passengers managed to disembark safely, transport ministry spokesman Bambang Ervan told AFP.

The plane had started its journey in Jakarta and also had a stopover in Makassar, on Sulawesi, according to local media.

The airport was closed following the incident, disrupting travel plans for people heading home for the Eid al-Fitr holiday in Muslim-majority Indonesia.

One small jet managed to take off Wednesday, but the Lion Air plane was still at the edge of the runway, Pramuka said.

Indonesia, which relies heavily on air transport to connect its more than 17,000 islands, has one of Asia's worst aviation safety records.

In April, a Lion Air passenger jet carrying 108 people crashed into the sea after missing the runway as it came into land on the resort island of Bali.

No one died but dozens were injured
Vest said…
Hal Al holy Cooked Cow.

Anyhow only the barmy and those seeking illicit sex and drugs or death by Indonesian suicide bombers who seek a decadent lifestyle in heaven with a bevy of virgins are the frequent visitors to this misguided and unsavory destination.
Anonymous said…
Why are you so keen on bagging the Catholic church
Vest said…
Anon: I bag as you so Quaintly put it, The complete Faith Industry, now go away or leave a name bonehead.

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