Sunday, 21 August 2011

This bloke has balls.

Video you must watch.


David said...

Condell's stuff is always on target, IMO, though not always in the X-ring. This places all shots in the X-ring.

BTW, "mhtml:{701D12F0-91B6-47D9-A4BC-07F9C4E9D52F}mid://00000063/!x-usc:" is a malformed link. It ought to be simply ""

Anonymous said...
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Vest said...

David (third World Blog)

You are such a farting smart ass and your reply to my comment on your blog was overly smart assed too. I know I can be difficult at times but your own sanctimoniously suck hole opinion of yourself takes the biscuit. I have seen more wisdom erupt from a tadpoles bum than your bone head. were you fed manure for your breafast as a child?

Lower deck lawyer. said...

David on third world has a high opinion of himself.
Going through his archives I note few people hang around following his abusive remarks.
I suspect his wife doesn't understand him either. I'll see if I can dig something up on him. Could be fun.... Mike.

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