A letter to friends and relatives.

General letter to all close friends and relatives.

It seems very quiet on the domestic front, no unusual occurrences in fact little communication at all, a few thank you messages for things various, nothing too striking to raise the hackles or freeze the brain. no one's dog has been lost or their cat has died; also arrivals and departures nil too.

We are having weather easily said to be not to our liking always , but we can't complain when it sometimes is.This is a different weather report from the normal easy to understand version which has been misunderstood by persons not knowing Strayer is in the southern hemisphere. that segment of their education was probably missed when wagging school on a wet or cold day if an Aussie read hot and sticky.

Other News Our lorikeet (parrot) who is ten years plus and named lucky; last week laid an egg, no comments. Our neighbours dog came off second best in an argument with a Chelsea tractor (SUV) on Sunday; also no comment; oh alright then "I told you so".

Comments on my posts are becoming a rarity of late, lack of interest perhaps boring crap or the general trend. Jimmy from Mumbai the comment hog has gone off with his bucket and spade but has not indicated where. I travel to other blogs several times each day when possible . Fact; less than one in a million blogs world wide have lasted four years, Daily Gaggle is now six years and four months old. The Daily** Xxxxx finished after only four years and its contents in which I contributed to with my own comments is now stored in Australia's national archives.**no name dropping sorry. but named after a woodwind instrument.

Sorry but I forgot I have an important issue to address. so I must go, love to you all hope you are all Well.


Vest said…
If you cannot read it, you need spectacles.

Thank you Grandson Dylan for your prompt and informative Email reply.

Kristian, Grand nephew. Thanks too for your Email acknowledgement.

Thanks to Claire my grand niece For the Beautiful Pics of twins, Grace and Jessica.
C A. said…
should have guessed this result.
Maybe your relatives cant read or write.

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