The Pulver Bomb Hoax Saga Groans on. Plus Cashless jobless

Hands up those who want to hear more of this boring bilge pushed into their face each time the telly is turned on or you pick up your daily rag.
Great stuff for those who perpetuate this ongoing saga, the Journo's, paparazzi and bloodsucking bewigged ambulance chasers. who  will expect a huge windfall of shekels from this hyped up debacle.
Say no more shall I, lest I become complicate in its continuance..

Windy Wellington, The Capital City of New Zealand; for the uninformed, is putting the wind up the Unemployed and Unemployable (read,' Dole Bludgers'. who spend their dole money on smokes and booze.
The conservative Prime Minister John key also added; single - or non partnered mothers to the list with teenagers who will have rent and power bills paid direct, any remaining money loaded to a card for the purchase of food. Not sure if this is carried out in Australia. I have no idea , I have not been on the  dole anywhere ever..
Should anyone reading these posts have that little extra time to spare you could if you so wish add your own two pennyworth in the comments section. I know you are calling  as it comes in on my stats...Embarrassed ? Then use the Anonymous option. Some of my relatives are due for a visit here, BTW, comments  do not need to be related to the post.
I have to go I'm feeling a bit crook (poorly) at the moment. TTFN back soon I hope. Vest.


Vest said…
So I was Right after all. no one wanting to hear more of the neck bomb saga.
Jane, Stokes-Honour. said…
Hope you are feeling better soon xxxxxxxxx
Vest said…
Thanks Jane.

Kevin: who yesterday, commented on a previous post dated May 12 ?
you are untraceable if your blog is not up and running.
jake king. said…
Waving Goodbye.

Luddites of Australia unite.
Forget about new technologies and the benefits they could? bring.
Stick with fossil fuels and forget about the future.
toubley said…
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toubley said…
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