A Cook Cooks India's Goose plus Golden Ducks.

So I'm back already; yep , nothing is more uncertain than uncertainty, particularly where sport is concerned , and this particular event staged in Birmingham England. If you are a Yank perusing this palaver. You will be confused firstly to find that Alabama is not the only place to have a Birmingham, So please go back to sleep as inflated cricket scores combined with your present fiscal issues could prove to be terminal, try dreaming of the purchase of your first Rickshaw and growing rice in your backyard pool.
Congrats to Alistair Cook for his great achievement.294, out.
India the mighty ex jewel in the crown -now slightly tarnished by 70 years of greed and skulduggery where exalted Cricketers earnings can be as much as 20 Million bucks per year and the hoi polloi barely survive by eating garbage. India rated to the Cricket hierarchy has lost its dodgy title to the more masterful cricket troops of mother England. The imminent loss of their third game by a thrashing to none has exposed the Sachin Tendulkers best batsman worldwide title, to zilch, plus another top Indian batsman Sehwag has little to wag his tail about having opened the Indian first and second innings and achieved the least possible score, two first ballers - on yer bike mate P Off back to the shed.
India with two days left require a score of 487 to make England bat again.
Scores Ist  India Innings closed All out for 224.
England 1st Innings closed at seven wickets down Declared, 710.(England's third highest test innings).
India gave away 63 Extras (Aus read Sundries)This is 13 more than Australia gave away in the 1938 test  with England, finished within four and a  half days of play, played within Aug 20 to 25inclusive (.Don't say I have it Wrong), ... In any case Australia losing on that auspicious occasion by an innings and 579  runs will remain forever the best Eng/Aus game ever England 903 for 7 DEC,  and  Aus 221 and 123..
Jimmy Alias Saby Dasouza who lives near the WANKHEDE Stadium in Mumbai; eat your heart out.
'Robbo' ( the sports lover) Once said on air  on hearing about this stadium, " I thought all cricket stadiums were Wank head stadiums.
I'm off to the club tonight with nearest and dearest . we will avoid our local club which is promoting third class boxing, boring to say the least, best way to keep the regulars away President Bob,
The sun is Shining - the temp quite warm  eight more days to spring, I'll pop down the garden for a little sunshine. Back later....??. "The best is yet to be".

Cricket. Google...BBC Cricket..


WALLY. said…
You spelt Cricket as Cricet vesty.
Mum says you are a nice pommy bastard and likes you lots
Vest said…
Wally: I did not use spell check so there must be other mistakes I'm sure.
Thank your mother for her typical indigenous Aussie endearment.
Vest said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said…
This is Clive from manchester listen you stuffed up big with your figures , they play five day tests so how clever dick was that game stretced over six days as you sez 20 to 25 august inclusive as you sez four and a half days play. get your fax right you old prick.
Vest said…
Thanks Clive I'll get back to you after I have my brekky. in the meanwhile go and kick yourself in the head.
Vest said…
Clive: Please adjust your brain to clear thinking mode and listen carefully. Clive as you still have your childhood brain I'll make it easy for you to comprehend.

Once upon a time or seventy three years it was unthinkable not to attend Christian church services twice on a Sunday. In the Royal Navy non attendance would result in caning if under 18 or stoppage of pay and leave if an adult.
Nowadays we have all manner of excuses not to attend these archaic rituals and instead we find time to enjoy our selves in stead of worrying about the hereafter, so we play sports including cricket on Sunday whereas in !938 AD, Sunday was referred to as the rest day, the rest day from cricket, meaning only five days were playable. Got it ?
Clive remember it is Sunday today, no swearing you bad boy,..
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Hi Vest you old mongrel, you set that post up as a trap for the unwary , even I nearly fell for it, but I seem to remember the rest day thing. Mike.
C A. said…
A ball game lasting six days, are you nuts, doesn't make sense.!!!!
Saby. said…
Rosemary said…
Sex and cricket have an equal standing with Hubby.
Flanker said…
Watching cricket is the best cure for insomnia
Vest said…
Flanker; are you sure you can spell or is your title a sort of game position?

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