Are Americans the new world order Fascists? Definitely say I.

In a political sense I really believe they are. I believe America will go all out to dominate the world and by acquiring new annexed territories from which to drain wealth and resources, will thwart the ever encroaching necessity to print more money to save their country from impending third world status.
The Gung Ho Yank Govt was quite happy to sit on the fence and en mass wealth by supplying arms to Europe during WW2 until the Japanese forced them off their asses. I am not deriding the American GI Joe's. but the Rockefeller's and their kind for lending the fascist powers the wealth to build arms and for their opponents to do likewise.
Will America go all out for world domination? I believe they will, and they will make the same mistakes as others have done in the past.
French Indo China(Vietnam) vacated by the French in 1954, A Yankee disaster ending in the seventies. Iraq another expensive ongoing blunder, and of course the Afghan fiasco which  neither the British yonks back then the Russians in  1979 could resolve and now the yanks Brits Aussies and others have a never ending conflict on their hands in order to repress a people who intend to cling onto an archaic system of beliefs and male dominated privileges shit or bust. The domination of Afghanistan will be an ongoing costly exercise which will only temporarily hold them in check and when the coalition forces retire from the scene having exhausted the pension funds of their people back home, the Afghans and Iraq people will revert to the system they love most; shooting each other and shagging multiple women who have no privileges whatsoever. What do we do then have a whip round and drain the the piggy banks in order to be able to teach them another lesson to be eventually go unheeded.
Has anyone seen the the movie  The Road to Guantanamo'(Not a Bing and Hope Movie) but one which portrays three British Muslims of Pakistani origin who travel to Afghanistan to get married - quite an eye opener to see the cruel antics of the sons of Mrs American Apple-pie. beat the living shite out of these none too clever supposedly and seemingly Innocent guys  whom the foul mouthed donut brained American captors insist that they were Alqaeda.
Eventually sanity prevails when a deputation from the British Embassy visit these trio of Pakis in the Guantanamo bay correctional facility and after a lot of fuss they are grudgingly returned back to dear old blighty at the cost of the British taxpayer.  Fini . I like a nice ending don't you.
Incidentally in 1958 the ship I was serving on called into Guantanamo bay Naval base on April 13, this was on its way back to England from America and Canada.
In 1964 a similar thing happened after leaving New London Con USA we called into Guantanamo bay on April 29.. On our way back to Devonport England.
I believe A Kiwi Band Called 'Dragon' (Named after the band leaders Ma in law), had a hit song in the seventies called 'April Sun in Cuba'.
If and when it is played in our club I get a gentle reminder from friends who have heard this crap before,. "Yes I do have friends, but not too many in 'Uncle Sam Land."

Back soon ....Vest..........There is one thing stronger than all the armies in the world, and that is an idea
whose time has come.


WALLY. said…
You are my hero vestyand mum sends her love.
Vest said…
Copy of comment posted at Third world country which sadly, was deleted on arrival.

Sock cucker! Ok, so I cannot Spell correctly youse woofter devoid. However, you get my meaning.

Suffering spellchecks, I have to convert back to proper pristine English from Yankee jargon, like instead of Z insert S, plus adding U when applicable, and my favoUrites are Litres and Metres instead Liters and Meters.

At the U/S Naval or Navy or Navel Base in Unclesamland in the land of the Gun and the free if you are white, I was asked.

"Why do you pronounce the rank of Lieutenant as'Leftenant' in stead of Lootenant".
"Simple say's I".
We do not wish to imitate you and infer we live in a lavatory".

Have another one of your spiteful days, Bum Boy.
frog said…
Had a quick squiz on that third world blog. that david guy or maybe a faggot is quite a nasty asshole, you say spiteful.It couldn't describe him better.
Kate...fb. said…
Who is this freak who is being nasty to my poor vesty, lead me to him and I'll de knacker him.

Luvs ya vesty,
Vest said…
47 visits to my blog yesterday including strange emails. 72 % new visits, Deep green in the USA Sector. must have touched a nerve.
Lower deck lawyer said…
Checking out that annoying geezer at - David third world. only five incoming comments from his past eleven posts. and most of his seemingly plagiarized chatter is derived from USA sources.. A real Dumb nut and self evaluated know all.
The guy is into porn and biblical, cross dressing and other peculiar sexual activities.
Simply A danger to the public. especially the younger set...Mike.
Vest said…
Thanks Guys for your calls.

Just received news that Jimmy Alias Saby has retired from blogging after eight years, due to his wife having parkinson's.
Let us all wish Jimmy a pleasant retirement, "Hip Hip Hooray".

But I'm sure he will make a dramatic comeback.
Helpful Henry. said…
Vest. The 'D' Bloke is 55 years old twice divorced, bald, a bankrupt and you may have guessed it - dodgy sexually,Described as Flamboyant by most people.

Please do not reply.
Zac and Gordon(Sydney) said…
Its sad thinking that america will very soon turn into a heap of shite.
Taken over by chinks and japs who will fix them up for dropping them bombs.
Good on yer vesty mate

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