Friday, 12 August 2011

Happy Holidays, Vacation, A Sickie, Whatever.

Seems like everyone else is gone away with their bucket and spade . So, while we are having  a downturn in the comments inward, minimum posting will be the order of things , you know what  I mean ( The brick wall syndrome) as in talking to.
At the moment, all is well in the land of Vest Daily Gaggle.very few problems and none expected,
serenity is the order of things domestic.
Am spending time out doors digging planting and getting the sun and fresh air, the days are warming up and spring is ten days hence.
Should anyone have any questions relating to any of their ongoing problems (non  tech)Or any run of the mill problems that google or wiki are unable to solve, They will be forwarded to a couple of blogging Know-all's  I know .

Back Later???......Vest.

BTW, all incoming mail will be answered promptly.

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