Some Americans Will be compelled to live to 300. Plus Women Chatterers.

That's right folks. A Barmy federal jury in Washington, has found former Illinois governor guilty of 17 counts of corruption - including trying to sell the US Senate seat vacated by President Obama.
The verdicts came more than two years after Rod Blagojevich, 54 was arrested by the feds.
Experts say the guy could languish in jail for as much as 300 years. "Crikey" you only get  one week in the slammer and a ten buck fine for selling The Sydney Harbour Bridge to American tourists.
The former governor of Illinois George Ryan, is currently serving 6 years jail for corruption.
BTW. All of the bargain priced Sydney harbour tunnel shares have been sold ,"Go away".

All women are chatterers. It will come as no surprise to their often less talkative male counterparts, but a typical woman spends about five hours a day chatting and gossiping.
Whether at home or at work they will discuss other peoples problems, other peoples children, who is dating who and other saucy chat which brings a rush to the loins. I shall exclude American Women from my list of warblers for reasons only known by my self and other persons with hearing loss.
Women in Canada New Zealand and Great Britain and are cordially invited to discuss any commonsense matter relating to this blog or themselves or their favourite antagonist.
Other Female subjects that come up most regularly include xxx , shopping and soap dramas.
If you are a relative or a person I am already acquainted with feel free to call anytime.don't be simply a Christmas card friend or relative or one I visit every ten years, my family here in Australia would love to hear from you on a more regular basis... Waiting for your call, Vest.

Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.


Dylan B said…
First story is rather amusing, don't hear something like that often, do we!?
As for the women gossip, for me at least it's common knowledge. I tend to be the receiver oh such things from time to time.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Just been to the Third World Town'Clown',he who has the dreadful habit of rediculing callers comments.
His last nine posts have attracted four comments, probably a reminder not to rub people up the wrong way.
Vest said…
Thank you Dylan(Grandson and heir to the throne)
And thanks LDL.
Vest said…
Emily Brown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Debbie. said…
Dear auntie Rose and Uncle Les,
Thank you so much for my birthday card. Hope you are both well. I believe Claire has e mailed you and enclosed photos of Dad with my latest granddaughters, lovely pictures aren't they.
We are still waiting for a glimpse of summer here, it is supposed to be warming up as the week goes on......we'll see eh!! John and I are off to North Wales again on Sunday for ten days, so I expect as usual we will get all sorts of weather thrown at us lol. Regardless, we shall enjoy the peace and fantastic scenery surrounding us.
Much love to you both
Anonymous said…
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