Global warming on hold. Plus Long snout celeb Say's "Pay up".

    No sign of global warming this chilly morn. Popping out of bed to make nearest and dearests morning cuppa, I beat a hasty retreat  and donned socks and slippers after treading the  tiled kitchen floor.
Yes it looks and feels like a miserable day - similar to the past three days - tiddling non stop rain, we even have worms coming into the garage to escape the wet.

Persons on lower incomes are up in arms  with regard to the Fed Govt's proposed carbon tax of around $500-00 per year per household.
Millionaire Hollywood celeb Cate Blanchett, the actress with the big Smeller, who dwells in a $10 million country hovel at 'Hunters Hill' a Sydney suburb, is raking in more from the Fed Govt to add to her estimated $53 million.
 Blanchett  stars with actor Michael Caton in the  Govt advertisement advocating this new tax.
Like most celebs she and he are out of touch with the lower levels of living and too preoccupied
with their own gaudy swill bucket.
It would seem  $53 million would give you a whole pile of latitude to care for so many things.

To accomplish great things, we must not only act on them, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe.

Vest.......Back soon.

P S, thank you Nigel for your E mail.


Link said…
I think Barnaby Joyce is up in arms and maybe Alan Jones and both are doing their best to incite the Aussie Battler into a frenzied state of indigation. As has been pointed out, in the usual tit for tat way our media likes to carry on, Gina Reinhardt didn't get vilified in quite the same way by those politically opposed to her for primarily being wealthy and having a good old tub-thumping "we'll have to sack thousands" whinge about a proposed super profits tax that would directly impact upon her wealth.

The carbon tax is directed at big polluters and the real issue is the unspoken understanding that these mega corporations cannot under any circumstances do anything that will affect their continued profit growth and will therefore have no choice but to pass these increases in costs onto consumers. And therein lies the real imorality.
C A. said…
Vest. I imagine you as having a brightly decorated swill can with quality contents
Vest said…
Link: Thanks for your comment. Very few of my U/K readers would know of the local pollies and radio jocks. However, your message was more thorough and interesting.
Vest said…

The power of imagination makes us infinite.....

But this one you failed to get right, bozo.(_X_)....
WALLY. said…
Since when did the size of our bank account dictate whether we could have an opinion about an issue?
Ausrralia is a democracy remember.
Anonymous said…
I hope the fact Cate blanchett is so out of touch with reality will wake up a lot of people who put celebrities on too high a pedastal.
They may be rich, but they're just actors, they should be the last people lecturing hard working families on how to live.
Vest said…
Wally: I shall email you regarding your comment.
Anonymous said…
Wally, I have seen it as well as Vest.
Lower deck lawyer. said…
I have seen it too Wally.
Anonymous said…
Hi Vest. Global Warming, where the bloody hell are you? almost every day in May the temperatures were below average and it feels like winter is here aready.

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