Goodbye, Not Interested

I Vest of . do hereby state that, due to a different opinion regarding the effectiveness of world united bloggers to save the world from strife and chaos and promote religious tolerance, I am releasing myself from any previous bond with W U B on the acceptance of advice from a competent judicial source. I shall not waste my time and effort in explaining 'Why'; as I am of the opinion it would fall upon deaf ears. VEST.


Jim said…
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Jim said…
who is the competent legal source?
lower deck lawyer?
Jim said…
International Islamic Conference

Conference Focus
To create a better awareness and understanding of Islam and its message of peace for the entire humanity.
To help remove misconceptions, fake fear and hate of Islam and Muslims globally.
To help realize that justice, human rights, moral values and peace, be it on an individual or at a worldwide collective level, are a must for effective human progress and realistic global unity.


Insha Allah from23rd Nov. to 2nd Dec. 2007, 10 am to 10 pm

Somaiya Ground (spread over 30 acres)

Sion (E), Mumbai, India

Jim said…
Half the world is muslim VEST
u dislike muslims?
Jim said…
as per the rules of WUB
u cannot leave without an explanation

u scared to explain?
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
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Vest said…
Jim: 1 deleted.

2, None of your business.

3, I am totally disinterested.

4, You said it, I didn't.

5, Too wishy washy, and a total waste of my time, I'll leave it to you and your friends to save the world, my powers are limited, and to top it all I think its a load of Bollocks.

All (repeat) All further reference to WUB in your or anyone else's comments will be ignored and deleted. "Get It!!"

Its a load of bollocks, in case you forget.dont, its delete delete.
Anonymous said…
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Keshi said…
hehe Vesty do wutever ur comfy with. Thats all that matters.

Jim said…
Major Gen DCunha who test fired the BOFORS gun is now doing church work

he has laid down arms
Jim said…
Lt Cdr nilankantan who took part in OPERATION BLUE STAR to flush out the terrorists from the GOLDEN TEMPLE

They went into the TEMPLE Barefoot

the first army in the world to fight barefoot

he is now into charity work too
Vest said…
Jim: That Mag/Gen must be aged and frail. The Swedish 40mm bofors close range Anti/aircraft weapon, 120 rounds per minute per gun (perhaps) that was provided it did not jam, had a effective range of aprox 2,000 yards or 1.2 miles.
was in use late 30s.
Jim my knowledge of naval weapons up to the 60s, is near endless.
Workings??? er M/gen aprox age 45-48 tested gun in 1938 for example,
his present minimum age would indicate he was at least 110 years old. poss 115.
I would suspect the old fraud would be perfoming the lazaras thingy in front of gullible people not unlike yourself.

Keshi: Those comforting words of yours never miss the mark, thanks,xxx.
Vest said…
Jim: Assuming you meant the sikh Golden temple at Amritsar. ok Jim your stuff up, you see the Scottish army fighting the English at the battle of Culloden also fought barefoot and whats more they actually fought naked too. I suppose they thought it would be useful to have a secondry weapon hanging around.
Anonymous said…
Weekly Telegraph

Briton faces lashes in Sudan over teddy named Mohammed
By Caroline Gammell and Aislinn Simpson
Last Updated: 5:46pm GMT 26/11/2007

A British primary school teacher in Sudan is facing 40 lashes and up to six months in prison after allowing her pupils to name a teddy bear after the prophet Mohammed.

Ms Gibbons asked students to name the toy
Colleagues of Gillian Gibbons, 54, claim she made an "innocent mistake" by allowing the class of seven year-olds to choose the name. But she has been accused of insulting Islam’s holiest prophet, arrested and imprisoned.

If charged and found guilty of blasphemy she faces punishment under Sharia law.

Her actions have sparked protests in Sudan and have forced the school to close until January for fear of reprisals.

The divorced mother-of-two from Liverpool is being held at a police station in the Sudanese capital city of Khartoum, and there were reports that an angry mob had gathered.

As the Foreign Office tried to resolve the situation, Miss Gibbons was visited by consular staff who described her as well, despite her ordeal.

Miss Gibbons had been working at Unity High School - popular with wealthy Sudanese and expatriates - since August, after leaving her position as deputy headteacher at Dovecot Primary School in Liverpool this summer.

However, trouble flared after she let her class choose a name for the stuffed bear as part of a school project.

She was teaching her Year 2 class about animals and their habitats as part of the school’s British-style national curriculum.

She asked one of the female pupils to bring in a teddy bear and asked the students to name it. "They came up with eight names including Abdullah, Hassan and Mohammed," said the school’s director, Robert Boulos

Twenty of the 23 children opted for Mohammed and the toy was taken home by a different pupil each weekend to record a diary of the bear’s "activities".

Mr Boulos said the diary entries were written in a book which bore a picture of the bear and the words "My Name is Mohammed".

It is seen as an insult to Islam to attempt to make an image of the Prophet Mohammed, but Mr Boulos said nothing was written on the bear itself.

Gillian Gibbons, shown in a picture
on her MySpace website
Several Muslim parents complained to the Ministry of Education and on Sunday, Sudanese police arrested her at her home on the school premises.

Mr Boulos insisted Miss Gibbons had not meant to offend anyone but said the school would remain closed until January for fear of reprisals.

"She has done nothing wrong but now we are very concerned that there’s a risk to the school and the students from the men in the street," Mr Boulos said.

The police have confiscated the diary and plan to interview the little girl who owned the bear.

A source close to the school said one teacher was angered by the naming of the toy and complained to the headmistress, who is European. "According to what I was told, she belongs to one of the established conservative families in Khartoum."

But a Muslim teacher at Unity, who also has a child in Miss Gibbons’ class, said she had not found the project offensive: "I know Gillian and she would never have meant it as an insult."

The country’s state-controlled Sudanese Media Centre said Miss Gibbons was arrested "under article 125 of the criminal law", on suspicion of insulting faith and religion.

Unity, founded in 1902, is an independent school for Christian and Muslim children aged four to 18 and is governed by a board representing major Christian denominations in Sudan.

Miss Gibbons, who separated from her husband Peter in December 2006 after more than 20 years, is one of several Western teachers who work at the school.

The couple have two children Jessica, 27, - also a teacher - and John, 25, and used to live in the Aigburth area of Liverpool.

Former neighbour Peter Sorensen, 64, said: "Everyone is shocked to hear that Gillian has been arrested in Sudan. We can only think that it’s all a huge mistake, I’m sure she would never have done anything deliberately to insult the Muslim faith.

"We are very worried about the kind of conditions she is subjected to. Being held in police cell in Khartoum must be an horrendous experience."

Mr Sorensen said Miss Gibbons had planned to be in Africa for two years but was hoping to come home for Christmas.

Headteacher of Dovecot Primary School Gillian Jones said: "We are all thinking of her at this difficult time and are absolutely certain that there is no way that she will have done anything to intentionally insult any religion
Anonymous said…
allah, jesus and other gods are fear mongering cruel out of touch with the REAL WORLD assholes
Anonymous said…
Religion is nothing but blind fear, sheer ignorance of the scientific facts and totally fraudlulant.
are You a uninformed person working your guts out to feed a fat bloated bone idle priest.
Get rid of religion and you remove 98 per cent of the friction in our world. Karim.
Jim said…
he test fired the gun prior to purchase by the Ministry of Defence for the Indian Army

the BOFORS gun purchase was an embarrasment to Rajiv Gandhi
an Italian quattorochi was paid commission

the case is still in on
Anonymous said…
karim you forgot to mention the lies of religeon.
my dad said- nowhere in the world will you find a better liar than a priest.
Vest said…
Jim: I assume then the judiciary exhumed or resurrected the Mag/General to provide evidence for the tribunal.

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