Stupid Religious Jehovah's Witness Loonies Allow Mother to Die

Another crackpot sect of the faith Industry uses unsubstantiated guildlines from passages in the Christian bible to deny a dying mother the right to live. Will this bunch of complete idiots be allowed to flaunt the law of self preservation, basic human rights and continue to abide by their wishy washy witch craft beliefs instead of the authorities drawing them into line as we other law abiding citizens are expected to do.
A Jehovah’s witness died shortly after giving birth to twins because her faith prevented her from having a blood transfusion.
Emma Gough, 22, began haemorrhaging but because her beliefs did not allow her to receive blood she slipped into unconsciousness and died.
As she suffered severe blood loss and her life ebbed away, medical staff urged her husband, Anthony, and her parents, all of whom follow the same faith, to overrule her decision and allow a transfusion which could have saved her, but they refused.
She gave birth naturally and all appeared well as she cuddled her baby son and daughter, but she suddenly began to haemorrhage. Her condition was complicated by the fact she was anaemic.
Mrs Gough signed a form prior to giving birth making it clear she should not be given blood in the event of an emergency, which also confirmed she understood the risks of her decision.
But it is understood her family were unhappy with the hospital because they felt Mrs Gough should have been given a Caesarean section but was left to give birth naturally.
Mr Gough, 24, a central heating engineer of West Indian parentige has been left to bring up the children, There will be an inquest and issues will arise from that."
Mrs Gough, who died on October 25th, was cremated at Telford Crematorium on Monday.
She and Mr Gough, who married in Barbados in December 2005, were devout Jehovah’s witnesses, as were their families, and they all worshipped in Telford, attending the Kingdom Hill halls.
Everyone is devastated by what has happened and can’t believe she died after childbirth in this day and age, with all the technology there is.
What makes it even more sad is Emma had time to hold and start to bond with her twins before complications set in.
The couple, who lived in Dawley, Telford, have been together since they were teenagers.

Mrs Gough always dreamed of a Caribbean wedding and Mr Gough organised it as a surprise, the couple marrying in the grounds of the Tamarind Grove Hotel in front of 30 family members and friends.
Jehovah’s witnesses insist that passages from the Bible ban them from taking blood. The collection, storage and transfusion of blood are all forbidden. The basis of the faith is that they follow commands from the scriptures and it is a scriptural command to abstain from blood.
It is one of a number of things contained in the Scriptures about things they can and cannot do. It is, of course, up to the individual to decide how strongly to follow these requirements.
Mrs Gough was being selfish by putting her own beliefs before the needs of her children, Children are always a priority. they are the future.
However, Mrs Gough and her family faced criticism from neighbours of Mr Gough’s parents in the Sutton Hill area of Telford.
One said: 'We were really shocked when we heard. A friend of the family came around and told us what had happened. They said Emma had suffered a haemorrhage after giving birth to the twins naturally and had refused a transfusion. They couldn’t understand why she hadn’t been given a Caesarean."
Another said: "I think it’s disgusting. How could she make that decision not to have a transfusion and leave those babies without a mother? "It’s terrible, I don’t care what your beliefs are, to refuse treatment like that is awful."
Mr Gough’s father, Ian Gough, who runs a window tinting business, said: "We are awaiting a report from the coroner. We don’t wish to comment at this stage."
Mrs Gough’s parents, Jim and Glenda, refused to comment.
A spokesman for the Shrewsbury coroner said that the cause of death was recorded initially as complications of profound anaemia due to haemorrhage and complications of twin delivery. An inquest has been opened and adjourned and investigations are continuing.


Anonymous said…
Just a thought, I believe these people frown upon, mixed marriages and un-natural births. this was a mixed marriage and they requested a ceasarian birth, are they allowed to pick and choose the rules of their crackpot faith just to suit themselves. this is nothing more than murder.
Anonymous said…
Where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise. Mike.
Vest said…
Why allow this tinpot religion to have the power of life and death over a human being. surely this is tantamount to euthanasia which is unlawful in Great Britain. The NHS is there to preserve life, not just to allow people to wander into hospital and explain as if it were a veterinary clinic and they wished to put their too expensive to cure-Pet to sleep. this is a straight forward criminal act and should not go unpunished.

Come to think of it, if that was the case I would have been sent to the knackers yard long ago. Vest.
Anonymous said…
This is so sad and to deprive those kids of a mother is crimminal.
Anonymous said…
Another question arises, would these inane creeps give blood to a dying person not of their crazy belief ?.
Jim said…
my uncle Benny ws a fellowship christian coverted from catholicism by his insisting wife who also converted

he was diabetic
but his wife and son told him to believe in God and dont go to doctors

he died of a diabetic stroke
Jim said…
BUSH and BLAIR read the bible and said God told me to bomb IRAQ

they said this publicly
Jim said…

Al Risalah is the channel of communication between Allah and mankind.(The Prophets, the Divine Books, and the Angels.)

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Whenever Allah was forgotten and evil customs grew, Allah raised Prophets among those people. Each one reminded his people of the lesson they had forgotten. They brought their people back to Tawhid. Every Prophet had the same religion, the religion of Islam. It must be clearly understood now that Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) is the last of Allah's Prophets and He is the Messenger for the whole of mankind. Through his life example and the Quran alone we can know the Siratul Mustaqim of Islam. The message of Muhammad (pbuh) was not meant for any particular people, place or period. He was raised for the whole of mankind. He has been described in the Quran as, 'Khatam-an- Nabiyyin' (the last of the chain of the true Prophets).

His teachings will guide men through all ages to come.
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Angels will welcome in Heaven those of us who always obey Allah and throw the wrongdoers into Hell. (Surah Az-Zumar, Ayat 71-74)

Vest said…
The sad thing is that, few government bodies would be prepared to stick their neck out on this problem, fearing a backlash of critisism from most other segments of the Faith Industry. These holy bullies in turn fearing this sort of impingement on some of their often criticised peculiar leanings, may block any attempt by the Govt to investigate the misgivings of these rogue religious orders. in order to conceal their own dirty deeds.
Freedom of Religion does not include exclusion from laws of homicide, and the right to kill.
Anonymous said…
The present Pension for muslim terrorists includes free board and lodging and one virgin per week for eternity.

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