W U B " How did your Friday turn out"? Well it........

..... Started at around 0005 when I retired to bed, followed by a lot of snoring grunting and a can't remember dream session. I then awoke about 7-30 am and trotted off to the dunny for my pre breakfast ablutions.
Breakfast consisted of 500mls of filtered and boiled water originally from the tap water, plus one clean apple followed by cereal. During breakfast I scanned my favorite newspaper; the Sydney Daily Telegraph; , promising myself to return after checking my inbox and replying to comments. So herewith is a short resume in response to your request for me to post on WUB.
It had poured with rain overnight and the ground smelt fresh as I walked into the garden, it is Spring here in my part of Australia and some of the Hobby garden vegetables are now ready for the table. My family staple diet besides meat and fish and two serves of fruit daily include a mix of a minimum 7-8 different vegetables each day , these are varied every day from a list of about twenty possibles. This does help to keep ones body healthy and in good shape, but unfortunately other bad eating and social habits I have; do not, although I do drink Alcoholic beverages all too frequently, that bad habit of Smoking I gave away 21years ago.
During my 25 yrs of service in the British Royal Navy, I smoked very little, I never grew a beard and even to this day I do not have any body piercings or tattoos.
With regard to religion I could be described as a watered down doubting sort of C O E christian, not a strong believer in any form of the faith industry. which is riddled with questionable ideology.
Married to Rosemary since June 20 1953. We have lived in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, England and now Australia. We have 5 sons, 8 gr/ ch, 2 G-Gr/ ch.
We live in a two storey house With two sons, in Budgewoi, New South Wales, Australia.
We have lived here for 18 months, moving from a house in the same town, one lady next door died shortly after we moved in here, the other one the other side died three weeks ago, but we only found out yesterday(lots of strange goings on in this very quiet street go unnoticed) and I like it that way, adds a bit of mystery to the place!.
After lunch I went into the land of nod for a restful two hours prior to the arrival of our two beautiful gorgeous as well as intelligent grand daughters who stay with us frequently and rarely if ever present a problem ,(Great Kids).
After 5pm it poured with rain and remained that way overnight.
The Gig at the local club where we arrived at 8pm was a heavy metal job, even my poor receivers rebelled at the high decibel bang clang being churned out. We then fled to the soccer club, where we met friends and had a pleasant evening , the gig consisted of a fem/trio called "Crimson Tide", I asked the lead singer how the name came about, she explained it was decided upon when we were all experiencing a similar problem, It took awhile for my penny to drop.
Arrived home about midnight in pouring rain , checked my inbox, another call from W U B, so this is my response to your request.


Jim said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jim said…
WUB needs moderators.
If you want to be a moderator, contact Sharm or Noushy. or me
Jim said…
as a moderator u r privy to policy making
Anonymous said…
and u get to chat with Noushy
Vest said…
re deleted comment, Jim leave out the compliments.

Jim I and 2. I prefer learning to walk before running and jumping into any *%^@*$^# studying the situation before deciding, why the hurry?

anon. Just a chat?
Keshi said…
heyy ur in WUB too? awww....

Vest said…
Keshi: This is a probationary thingy, sort of testing the water, I am never easily cajoled into unknown territory, although I am easily led into the field of feminine mysticism.xxx.
Keshi said…
lolz Vesty ok tnxx!

btw plz give my love n hugs to ur babies! HUGGGGGGGGGGZ! That was so cute..it made me smile :)


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