Manners maketh a good pupilBy Graeme Paton Education Editor
Last Updated: 8:21am GMT 26/11/2007
Old-fashioned courtesy has been put on the curriculum at a leading private school to ensure children grow up with respect for adults.
Your view: What manners should pupils be taught?
Prison officers to knock on cells before entering

Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington: 'It is essential that we treat each other with respect'
Pupils at Wellington College, Berks, are being told to touch the brim of their hats to passing teachers and take their hands out of pockets when singing hymns or the National Anthem.
Boys are also required to open car doors for women or elderly visitors and always stand when an adult enters the room.
The rules were devised amid fears that children were growing up without a grounding in good manners.
Last week, David Cameron, the Conservative leader, said sloppy dress and poor manners were at the root of declining standards of discipline in schools.

Anthony Seldon, master of Wellington, said: "It is essential that we treat each other with respect, whether that's the person who cleans the boarders' rooms or the head."
The school, which charges £25,600 for boarders, requires every pupil to carry a list of 12 common courtesies at all times. Pupils consistently flouting the rules could be punished.
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Jim said…
Manners maketh a man

but manners cannot and shud not be enfoced

manners shud come from the heart
manners is nothing but good citizenship

loving and respecting the other person

his privacy
his air and nose (smell)
his eyes and his vision
no discrimination on caste color or gender

respect to elders
helping the aged and young

all these good traits comes from religious upbringing

i dont know how atheists give good values to their childern
Vest said…
Jim: well bully for you, if your fear of the scriptures, and respect for lying priests who are nothing but wankers( Or should be!!)most are sodomists or bum bandits.
If you wish to live or die by your archaic disproven laws; so be it, however,dont force them down other people's throats.
Missionaries Kate & Sidney were put in the pot by the natives, Chief say "Make good Steak & Kidney pie".

BTW, Why dont you try to discover how Atheists or in your case Infidels, give good values to their progeny.

Values differ between the host of religious denominations, that is why there is so much conflict when one sect pits its wits against other sects, lies battling lies.

Common courtesy is the required median. a set of international guidelines acceptable to all without interference from sectarianism.

Jim; Anymore religious tripe or the mention of the inane mutterings of W U B. by you or others will be deleted..Find another outlet OK?.

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