The Anita Cobby case Resurrected on 'C I Australia'...Fox tel, Sunday Nov 4.

THE five men who orchestrated the Rape and Horror Mutilation Murder of Anita Cobby in Feb 1986 probably rubbed shoulders with me while a customer at the Sportsman Hotel( formerly the 'Comb and Cutter' ) at Blacktown , NSW.
Anita Cobby, the daughter of Grace and Garry Lynch, was a former Miss N S W and a nurse who worked in Sydney, was abducted from off the street while walking to her home in Sullivan Street, she had no option as it was late and there were no cabs available after she left the train and the public phones were out of order, also it was a Sunday. Her body was discovered two days later.
The intense hatred portrayed by the public towards the perpetrators of this meaningless atrocity, was something I had never seen before, ever.
John Travers, Michael Murdock and brothers Michael, Gary and Leslie Murphy, the gang of five were eventually convicted, and have been imprisoned for life(Never to be released)
In stark contrast to his siblings, I met by arrangement the younger brother of the three convicted Murphy men, a polite pleasant youngster who; though not a member was eligible at age 18 to enter the B RSL club on the proviso he was signed in by a member, in this case myself. This was at the request of his father(now deceased) who worked as a cellerman at the club and was busy at the time. The father Leslie Murphy was totally unlike his three eldest sons; a modest pleasant caring man, revered by those who knew him, in fact a person you would describe as having a similar attitude as the murdered girls parents.
Watching the real life footage on Fox tel and an aged Grace and Garry Lynch, brought back memories of No 10, Sullivan Street, where my family lived from Jan 1984 until July 1992, three doors down from the Lynch family.
Vest Daily Gaggle.

Google.....The Murder of Anita Cobby. This gruesome story brings home the the tragedies of life within dysfunctional families, alcohol abuse, drugs and illicit sexual behaviour.
It is an absolute "Must read".


Anonymous said…
Greetings from ims

The docimentary on 'Foxtel' you mentioned was shown about 1 or 2 weeks ago on Ch7
which I watched. A murder that will remain in the history of Australia as one of the most brutal.
There were horrible things done to the young Ms. Cobby, that were not mentioned in any press release. I was told by a (now former) Detective Sgt. who served in many squads during his career within the Sydney CIB Head-Quarters.

I would imagine that many people, (and most know about the case) that the parents of the accused went through a private hell as did the parents of (the late) Anita Cobby.

The murder and the other despicable acts were pure evil., and it is difficult to imagine for even
the most forgiving person to have any sympathy for the perps.
Based on what information has been made public, and what still remains classified (which I know) the perpetrators (perps.) are lucky to have been given life inprisonment. Quite frankly, I would have given them a piece of lead, 7.62mm in diameter inserted straight between the eyes. My sympathy goes to the parents of both victim and perps. Their lives will 'never' be the same again. I would suspect that a civillian jail is not quite as harsh as a military one.
I have during my time in the military had the duty to escort prisoners to 2MCE at Holdsworthy,
2MCE being the 2nd Military Corrective Establishment.
There is no fancy treatment, not even a flushing toilet in the cell, just a tin can, which the prisoner must empty each morning and afternoon. No smoking or lighters/matches in cells, so they cannot burn their bedding, 3 ciggies a day if they are good, (which are lit for them) no visitors for the first 3 weeks, all pay is suspended, plenty of brass to polish, floors to polish, military discipline is enforced. non-compliance meets with severe punishment. The prison is run on a rotating basis for one month at a time by all 3 services. The toughest and the hardest controllers are the Navy, followed by the ARMY, The Air-Foce were known to be the easiest going. (And I suspect it was deliberately set up to be that way as a method of control, where the prisoners get a bit of a break from the harshness)
Special privileges have to be earned, otherwise there aren't any. The average dog would have a better life than someone in a military prison.

I'm happy to let them rot in jail, same goes for Ivan Milat. I would also be happy to dispose of them myself if they were ever released. I wouldn't have to shoot them. But they would be dead within 12 months. (neither would there be any visible mark on their body)
It would be waving goodbye to five shitheads.
Cheers, and if you are having a punt on the Melbourne cup, then good luck.
As I was given a 4 leaf clover some 3 weeks ago, I'm going for anything with a hint of Irish.

Subject: Fw: Anita Cobby case
Vest said…
Thanks Ims aka Andrew.
Remember 10, Sullivan, 1991 our 38th, great photos you took of er indoors and me.
Long long ago I had the experience of taking military prisoners from Singapore to Kinrrara M C C in Malaya, war zone too, prisoners also armed with rifes in case of attack, (sounds Stupid dunnit) not really as we the escort held the rifle bolts and the ammunition.

Ok its Malaysia now but not in 53.
Vest said…
Going to the club shortly, Melbourne Cup day, Another excuse to imbibe, will be out of touch, Jim Send Form for my induction.

Remember: Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday.
And all is well.

Everyone have a rewarding day.
Jim said…
u will get it soon VEST
Induction ceremony may be painful

if u r not already circumcised
Vest said…
Ims: You mentioned a 7.62 bullet would be the cure for such barbarism, why not a good old .303 ?. Not much diff in size used in the Lee Enfield # 4 Rifle.
The Royal Navy were issued with their first consignment of the 7.62 mm Fabrique Nationale(Belgian)designed weapons in 1955.
I thought it was particularly stupid the way they were delivered(Due to the ongoing I R A situation at the time).
Two converted Bren guns plus four Assembled new F N's, were collected from Fratton Rail Station goods yard(Portsmouth Eng) by myself in a utilican (Van), they were then taken to (Tipnor Portsmouth) firing range where I was an instructor and I/C of the armory & magazine.

B T W, I am an anti gun lobbyist.
Avid gun lovers using this blog as a platform for their stupid opinion will not be tolerated and will be deleted.
Vest Daily Gaggle.
Anonymous said…
lock them all together in a 6x6x6ft airtight cell for a week.
Vest said…
Gordon: Then they would be free to go I presume?
Jim said…
the CHIEF of WUB is absconding
he has to give u the formal invitation
Anonymous said…
It's bad enough all of this happened to this innocent girl. But what's REALLY SICK is FOXTEL cashing in on her murder with this cheap tabloid trash. I wonder how much money they made out of her death!!
Vest said…
Anonymous: Thanks for your comment. What you say is so true.
If or when you comment again, would you please indicate your location; or better still, your name, thanks.
Valemont Views said…
Dear Vest,
Thank you for that information. I am writing a book on the Anita Cobby murder, from the point of view of a forensic numerological criminal profiler. I have the birthdates of both John Travers and Leslie Murphy but cannot obtain those of Michael Murdoch, and Patrick and Michael Murphy. If you or anyone reading this has the mug shots containing this information that would be most appreciated by me. Apart from the birthdates, there is information relevant to their physical strength, like height and weight etcetera, at the time of their arrest, which would be helpful too. The most important information to me is the day, month and year of birth.
Valemont Views said…
Vest said…
I only met the younger son who was around 17 at the time of the Anita Cobby murder, he was 18 at the time I met him in the Blacktown RSL Club., he seemed quite a pleasant person. The father of the Murphy boys Mr Leslie Murphy was a pleasant and sociable person who was employed as a cellar man by the Blactown RSL Club. I did not meet the mother of Murphy Boys but from what I heard on the G V was not particularly nice.
I suggest you communicate with the Blactown Police who may possibly provide an answer to your enquiry.
Oddly, My wife and family lived two houses up from A C's Parents Mr and Mrs Leach, now deceased.
----- Original Message -----
Unknown said…
I am the Paul McGovern mentioned in the book "someone else daughter" and attended the Westmead and Glebe hearings with Anitas parents, her sister is married to my brothers mate and I am in touch with a number of the Police officers that led the, can we put to rest the suggestion that evidence was with held and that people have a "friend" in the force that disclosed details of Anitas injuries that weren't made public?
I sat through all the forensic evidence at Glebe and its all in the book....lets keep to the truth please and not big note
Vest said…
Macca Holmes.
You are about eight years late getting to reply on my blog.
BTW, I write that which I percieve to be the truth, I too knew the Leach family,
I being their neigbour. Personally I do not care a stuff what you think and what you did. case closed. Bugger off DH.
Valemont Views said…
Macca, would you be able to obtain for me from your contacts in the police force, the full date of birth for each of the following: Michael Murdoch, and brothers Patrick and Michael Murphy? I have already published the book, but I can add the new information as I receive it and republish the amended version, as I am a self-publisher. I believe the information I am able to furnish will be a great help to police in apprehending perpetrators of the future, and also in preventing youth at risk moving from petty crime to committing more serious crimes of this nature. Thank you, Pamela Valemont
Anonymous said…
Macca, I suggest you stick to murdering good music, moron.

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