Election Time in Oz Strayer and Two Losers to choose from. Strewth!!!

Tomorrow is Election Day in Australia, Could it be erection time? maybe if you are oriental or It could be the little man you call uncle next door, your friendly priest, your milkman or geezers like this little prick pictured left.
This sleasy slime bag who our very lives depended on back a bit, is caught out perving on some nifty nipples while his right hand is tickling her bot.
So it seems even the most highly respected can turn into the disrespectful. did you vote for this bum pinching Chicken Hawk in the last election, too bad he lost his seat and the election, and took his mate Costello with him otherwise we may be having the Govt run by Abbott & Costello, provided the Mad Monk Tony Abbott becomes the PM, but hopefully not.
Many of life's failures are people who did not realise how close they were to success when they gave up.
But no person has the right to rain on your dreams, Use your Vote  tomorrow for the good of all, not your own selfish needs. Vest Daily Gaggle.


Anonymous said…
i tot this is u VEST
Anonymous said…
i knew u wud soon be posting dirty pics

like me

Rosemary and yout kids are not home?
Anonymous said…
there is a heated debate going on in keshis blog about racism

u r wanted VEST
Anonymous said…
Hi mr vest, that guy in the pic ent that frankie howerd wiv different eyebrows ;))))
Vest said…
Wally: you appear to be very bright this morning, maybe the candle is still burning inside your head from last night.
Wally you must be pushing it a bit to remember Frankie Howerd(spelt it correct as well) In the past I had been told I resemble F H, slightly I suppose, but of course without the bent wrist.
Vest said…
Anon; I am not a racist, I cant run at all- too old!!
Anonymous said…
Lol .. is that a "look-a-like" or the real thing.
Anonymous said…
I once loved a teenager named Janice

what does that make me?
Anonymous said…
will u cry if Keshi stopped living?
if i stopped living?
Anonymous said…
Of all the things which wisdom provides to make us entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship.
More quotes from Epicurus
Keshi said…
LOL o cmon wut abt Kevin Rudd's strip club visit then! hahaha!

Vest said…
Aggie: There is nothing enigmatic about him, that geezer is the real sausage brain(with onions).xxx

Anon: A person Acquires wisdom from personal experience, it cannot be taught.

Keshi: I can go one better.Malcolm Frazer(You have never had it so good)found wandering in the street in Uncle Samland minus his strides after visiting a local 'Cat House'(Bordello) naughty boy.xxx

Remember the 11th Commandment.
"Thou Shalt Not Be Caught Out"

It aint got nuffing to do with cricket ivor.
Vest said…
PM Howard's Speech washup

There are six weeks to go, and perhaps we’ll see some voucher welfare system for “those left behind” in the economy. Maybe the war on the Sudanese/Iraqis/Poofs/Single Mums/Atheists/Muslims/Unions rhetoric will sharpen up, but there was nothing but fear in his speech. The time for fear has past. Australians are fed up with shitting themselves and want something to look forward to.

Howard has never been popular. Keating was loathed in 1996, the ALP nearly snatched back power in 1998 but it was too soon, 2001 was a fear mongering children overboard debacle, 2004 was a Latham implosion. Now in 2007, the ALP have a “safe” leader and the tidal wave of people who never liked the little bastard but were not comfortable with the ALP are going to sweep him into the history books as a bitter old man who stayed on too long and achieved nothing.
Anonymous said…
I rove erection day
Anonymous said…
nancy chang."Dont we all"

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