Employees Sacked for using Facebook.

Hundreds of employees have been sacked or disciplined for spending too much time on social networking sites at work, according to new research.
It found that more than 1,700 people working for 65 public institutions have been dismissed or reprimanded for internet or email misuse in the past three years.
The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, show that bosses are increasingly taking a hard line against staff who abuse the internet during office hours.
Common offences include excessive internet use, viewing inappropriate material online such as pornography and forwarding offensive emails to friends.
Government departments emerged as some of the most unforgiving places to work.

But the Trade Union Congress (TUC) has criticised employers who have imposed blanket bans, saying that staff should be allowed to use the internet during lunch breaks.
It's unreasonable for employers to try to stop their staff from having a life outside work just because they can’t get their heads around the technology.
It is very important that staff familiarise the policy when they start a new job.
Employers do have grounds for sacking or disciplining employees who blatantly abuse the internet or email at work.
People need to be very careful about what sites they are looking at and what kind of emails they are sending because if they are caught sending or reading offensive material the consequences could be very serious.


Keshi said…
I think not doing the work and spending all the time on such sites is the real issue here.

Vest said…
Keshi: I believe about half a doz bloggers invited me to their face book, painfully refusing, cost two regular commenters; one of which was blatently rude.
My post on July 31 07 sets out why (I)did not need face book, not why others should not use it( although the suggestion intimated several reasons why face book generally was not a great idea.xxx.
Jim said…
keshi spends 4 hours of office time blogging every day
Jim said…
in most offices in india
email is not accessible to staff

email server is used
Jim said…
Vest dont quit WUB
we need u for balance

may i suggest u volunteer to become moderator so u can influence the policies of WUB
Vest said…
Jim (1)Because Keshi is smart, or maybe she is the boss. We all love Keshi, Keshi has a beautiful mind.

(2)Obviously you dont have a boss.

(3)Law number one in any of the global military services is;
BTW do I sense humility within your request, if so you have made my day. It is Friday and i have my charity work to do, busy busy, will reconsider your appeal, SAP.
Have a rewarding day.
Jim said…
Keshi has a beautiful mind??
Vest u r growing old
and blind

she has better ass ets
Keshi said…
Jim u cant stop commenting abt me isnt it. R u obsessed abt me? Wut a nosy loser.

Vesty btw I hate Facebook, MySpace etc kinda sites. My blog is my only online avatar.


hv a good weekend!
Vest said…
Jim: I can't go wrong if I state that Keshi's mind is far more interesting than yours, although there are times when you display symptoms of interesting verbosity.

May YOUR God be with you.

Read my last comment on previous post.
Anonymous said…
I hope you are sill in love with me too vestie,, maybe see at the club tonight with your beloved, luvs ya kate X
Keshi said…
Jim if i wasnt online u'd basically hv no life. wut a loser.

Jim said…
heyyyyyy Kate
Vest is a one woman man
Vest said…
Jim: Kate is one of several persons held in high regard,and on favourable terms with my wife, myself and our progeny, or to put it in reach of your limited perception-'A Good Friend'. Just like you have in Jesus.

Going to the club , can't take much more. Peace everyone.
Anonymous said…
Great stuff Mr Vest, not a swear word in sight - why cannot others write without the inclusion of filth?

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