THE STUMP CLUB. The Children's Club based on courage.

IT'S a Club no child would ever dream of joining, but after two years it has proved a life saver for its members.
Children who have suffered meningococcal disease decided the president of their 'Stump Club' should be the one with the most stumps.
Having lost five fingers and eight toes to the potentially deadly disease, 13 year - old Kimberley Sulli was a shoo - in. She contracted meningococcal disease when she was six, and each year brings new challenges as she grows older and taller.
Kimberley now needs surgery on her Right leg , which has stopped growing because of the disease.
The Stump Club was formed two years ago at an Australian day celebration, during which the Stephan Sanig Foundation, set up to fight meningococcal disease, was recognised for its community service.
Sue - Anne Sanig, who started the foundation after her son Stephan died from the disease, said: " I find Kimberley an absolute inspiration."
Last week's Kids for life charity ball raised more than $300,000 to help find a vaccine for the mengingococcal B strain.

Google "The stump club" for more info.
Donations are urgently required.


Anonymous said…
you in the charity racket too
Anonymous said…
I saw a report on this on 60 minutes. I thought it was great. Maybe JellyBean can join a little later...
Vest said…
anonymous: , If giving is a racket, then the answer is yes.

jd's rose: I am hoping jellybean is not or has not been afflicted in order to qualify for membership, or is it an open thing?.

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