WORDS ON WEDNESDAY ( The village Bike.)

     These Are the Words For Wednesday

It is now up to you to compose a story  yarn or a poem or even a limerick (That would be hard )


     This is my Composition.. By Vest.
     The FEELINGS  of the persons who attended the newly formulated  evening EXHIBITION  Highlighted by the impressive coloured CANDLE  lights and who  had created impressive floral exhibits but failed to impress the GUSHING  judge who obviously was  favouring Lord and Lady Cods Wallop's tawdry exhibit (Or that of their gardeners) As was usually the case  followed by the exhibit by the village Squire and his newly acquired leggy blonde  wife whose visible Undercarriage was highlighted by her BEWITCHING see through attire which thrilled a CAPTIVE audience of gawking village idiots yelling their approval of the Squires  latest acquisition - formerly the village Bike.

I am likely to be put in the Village Stocks for this one.

Vest back soon.


Surprising that the Squire chose his trophy wife from the local area. One assumes that he believes that the village has short memories and no tongues. How wrong he is.
Elsie Hanlin. said…
Funny story! Do they still have village stocks for you to be put into?

I knew a girl in school who was a "bike", she was eventually expelled for keeping Scotch in her locker. She was only 14.
Vest said…
Thanks E C and River for accepting my little yarn. Occasionally I find myself stepping over the line and swearing,however, I was informed by one of my mentors that I must swear wisely while on Earth, for in Heaven it will not be allowed.

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