Delusional ! what me? I don't think

     The statement that I am delusional comes from someone I know well who has many personal .problems  which are hidden in his too hard basket plus far too many health problems, the main ones are of his own making being grossly overweight and a smoker , which in my mind are things to be taken care of not later but 'Now'. My train of thought is not on the same track as his smoke belching puffing billy travels on  and I don't intend to buy any tickets, I am my own person and I like it that way and I doubt if I shall change although it has been said that it is never too late to learn,  age comes into the equation  to lessen the impact of that message, particularly when my Inbox is already on overload.
     My message in reply is simple,. 'It is better you solve your own problems first before Qualifying to solve the problems of others
      However , thank you for  reminding me I am imperfect, who isn't?.


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