Second "Words on Wednesday"

 The second list: 
  1. clip
  2. tie
  3. previous
  4. greet
  5. attack
  6. serve
      This my  Composition

     Joining the RSL Club was an ATTACK on my privacy, but particularly annoying by the meathead who towered over me asking personal questions as if I was a newly born  or a Nozzer joining the R/Navy. He having perused my service records he and his fellow inquisitor seemed a little embarrassed - my thwarting icy stare on  saying thank you  followed their remark of "Quite a distinguished service sir, "Yes I replied" However his final  SERVE as good as a CLIP around the ear was "remember to wear a TIE the next time you call"
     A few days later following my PREVIOUS encounter, I fronted up to the overweight beer swiller. with black TIE whose  main purpose was to GREET patrons who had legitimate access to the club and remove those  who had not, As  I flashed my new club card when  I passed his desk  he replied "OI oo  are you,; show me your card" Oh its you the POM  who Joined last week "Yes I replied You have had a chat with your fellow Bludging Galahs  who cannot say the word English man . I then reminded him that when I become the President of the club he and his cronies would be looking for another occupation should they continue their anti social  remarks.

" If you are strong there are no precedents."


Some officials get inflated ideas of their own worth don't they? Love this.

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