The driving test medical exam , Election day  Sat July 2.. 2016.
     Chaos on the local roads very few parking areas and after voting I somehow managed to find a parking spot; although a trifle cramped for space on my Starboard side due to the wheels  of the other vehicle being about four inches- 10 cm away from her allotted line. Getting out of the car and putting my hand on the edge of my door was still a struggle to get out of the car. The Lady? driver of the other car yelled "You touched my car", 'Yes" I replied "with my hand and you sad to say are improperley parked madam. Her reply was "Don't Madam me If you have marked my car I shall kick your door in"  There was no mark but I took her car Reg Number and left her mumbling. I just smiled blew her a kiss and left, Who breeds with these people.?.
     I checked into the doctors surg and was told there would be an hour to wait at least, so I drove home only two mins away  for a cuppa and returned later .
     Watching the TV in the waiting room an Archery demonstration was in progress, the Docs Sec said  'All high tech stuff now Mr Bowyer" yes you are right - my ancestors who made Bows from the YEW tree would be bewildered. but what is more odd is that my last residece in the Uk was  Mr Bowyer at a 27 Yew tree Avenue.(True)
     The Doctor a Mr Singh standing in for Ajay my regular Doc ( On holiday again) set about asking me several intrusive question regarding any health  which would have taken more time than a heart transplant say's you nearly left it too late  for this exam , btw do you exersize ? "yes " I replied" I then lied I had been down to Melbourne for the over 70's Clympics  and was a contestant in the  Quarter Marathon and Cycling over twenty Ks Sprint. The doc gave me a strange look - signed the form I breathed a sigh of relief. Knowing I can drive for yet another year -Hopefully.


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