My Computer has been upgraded and its content is completely unlike its predecessor , it will take time for me to get around it al.l.
Words for Wednesday are below..

Plus "I was wondering if you could solve a silly argument". ..

This is my composition  for today's words.

      I was wondering if (SOMEONE) Or you could solve a silly argument ? My eldest son aged 61 is telling me that my new PCW10 is easy. My son has spent several ( DAYS) converting my aged PC into something his brain conceived and expects my 90 year old noddle to grasp this altogether new system in a flash, well he is wrong as I am aware it will take me far more time than he did to conceive it,. to him it is simple. However, as I sit (LONELY) at my PC wondering if a (HOAXER) has been at work being that all of the bells and whistles I knew before have been substituted for a host of new ones and has left me like  jumping (HOPSCOTCH) from one square to another and in turn getting me (HOTTER) under the collar with frustration.
     A few years before I joined the RN I was taught  or better still I leaned the Morse Code and the Naval code of Flag Signals, although when the USA entered the WW2 the Morse code remained the   same (SOMEONE) minus a brain made a confusing decision and the flags were substituted for the International code, meaning the same flags indelible in my head were given differing meanings.  However there was one exception.
The Navy flag 'C,' A square flag envelope shape divided, black to mast , blue to fly, red to deck and yellow on high, became flag Z or Zee as was pronounced by the US Navy, so C became Zee but for all intents and purposes the meanings remained the same,  Flown at the mast head  It's meaning was the same in both codes "I Require a Tug".
Other Meaningful Flag signals may seem humorous like flag 'V' White with red X marking like the Irish flag it means " I need assistance" or that of the Scottish flag - flag M - White with Blue X meaning " My vessel is Stopped"..About right I reckon.

"The Best is yet to be" .... Vest Back soon.



Vest said…
Did anyone pick my deliberate mistake with the last two flags?
Edward Jones said…
Hello Les. Correct me if I am wrong. I remember flag c as red white and blue stripes. To remember it, it looks like a cake and cake begins with c. I was taught that at Watts. it might have changed.?
Edward Jones 183
Vest said…
Edward Jones. WNTS 183 1945-1949. Hi Eddy. First of all the deliberate mistake was flag M in the international code is described thus 'A blue square flag with an X shape white St Andrews cross flag of Scotland Also meaning my vessel is stopped.( much like the Haggis Economy).

Now flag C for Charlie in the Brit RN, only used until the USA entered the WW2 has the same description as flag Z in the International code, Flag C Cee became flag Z Zee.
Shape and colour was described as a Square flag envelope shape divided with black to the mast blue to the fly red to the deck and yellow on high.
You described Flag C in the International code correctly as Square flag with descending vertical stripes of blue white red white blue..
LES Bowyer 117 WNTS 16-12-36 to 7-1-42. Thank you Edward for your comment.
Davoh said…
Dunno about you, Vestie - but self was born into an 'analogue' planet. The only 'digits' that self really relates to are the ones on the end of my hands and feet.

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