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   I have a habit of reading The Sydney Daily Telegraph History column and again a familiar name crops up, which gives me the right to air my TASTY  BONE of contention.
     The people who write some of this Gush have no more idea what they are printing than my great AUNT GABBY Whose X RAY of her noddle  revealed a complete emptiness.
     Let the truth be known, that the said historic person the Parramatta NSW Judge Advocate Richard Atkins, stated to the Governor of NSW Australia Phillip Gidley King on July 8 1805, that as Aborigines are without morals or religion, they cannot give evidence in a case of law.
     So much for that statement from no other than a completely untrustworthy person whose real given birth name was Richard Bowyer ( a likely relative)  It would be a great idea to read his Wiki or google profile to get a better picture of this Despot whose drunken antics and poor judgement of those who fell foul of him  would suggest he came top of the class in Judge Jefferies (The hanging Judge) school of law..
     Richard Bowyer Atkins  was eventually given his marching orders although his Wife and family despaired of him and left earlier for the UK,  little is known of his lifestyle after arriving in the UK..
     Richard Bowyer was the fith son of Sir William Bowyer whose country seat was in Denham Court Buckinghamshire. The elder of the five brothers was George who retired as a rear Admiral
to Radley Oxfordshire after losing a leg during the battle of Ushant 1793 his house now The'BOWYER ARMS is a large Public house Hotel eight miles from Chalgrove where I lived as a child and visited last time iin the UK 2015.
     Another brother was a general in the British Army who served in Florida in the 1700s I believe a fort was named after him in Florida. However, the two remaining Brothers I have little knowledge of.
     I shall have to STAY a little longer to finish giving you more details regarding yours truly Tricky Dickiie AKA  Richard Bowyer..
      Richard Bowyer was sent to serve in the British Army  and was known to have served as an adjutant in the Isle OF Man Corps,. During this period he became involved in lots of Miscellaneous skulduggery plus running foul of the law and becoming  into debt. His father Sir William who despaired of him had words with Lord Atkins who was without issue and who took him in as family until the bubble burst again and sent him packing with his family and a healthy stipend to Australia.
      The only peculiar thing about this TRUE STORY perhaps is that My Wife and I have five sons too and just recently we  assisted  our fith son - our prodigal son to move to Queensland up north about 2000 miles from us.
       Like history coming back to bite us  Les BOWYER , AKA VEST
My spell check is out.


I hope history isn't coming back to bite you. I am pretty certain that most families have a flock of black sheep hidden. And skeletons in tightly sealed closets as well.
River said…
You have a very interesting family. I know next to nothing about mine.
Really like river said, you have a very interesting family
Vest said…
EC and River. Thank you for you comment. For further details of my favourite ancestral despot Google Richard Atkins Bowyer. There are several yarns about this bloke, some differ but the stories give a similar description.
Vest said…
Rachmad Imam Tarecha.
Thankyou for your comment I have contacted you on your Blog in Indonesia , I shall call soon as possible.

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