Words on Wednesday.

 These are the words for Wednesday
compiled from 'Elephants Child".



This is my Composition.

    It has been years since I used a Gym for keeping fit, part of my former occupation was spent in the BOILING sun, this in turn was in direct COMPETITION  with an occasional visit to the gym.
     The Brochure I received in the mail box relating to this activity states "The only people you will come in contact with are those of your own weight and size  problems."
   When I STOP to think about it I realise the people sending me this stuff in the mail have no idea about persons of my age - OUR PRECIOUS HOURS ARE TICKING AWAY and  CAN only guess or hope they find someone in need of their services, although in my case they  get it wrong despite the fact I am not likened to a KNOTTY  Arny Swartznegger - once described by a prominent Sydney Talk Show host as a 'Condom full of Walnuts' I may only be a smigein over-weight and far from a porky, but I would be happy If I could SCRAPE off about five or more Kilos
     You hear gossip about people being mocked and bullied over their weight at the weight loss centres, that is the reason such people mentioned  don't bother to attend again when this happens.
     There are people who frequently use  the Gyms as a source to procure lovers or for the admiration of others. most of these are failed lothario's and would be Miss worlds but mostly Miss Dubbo's and D grade Celebs - occasionally flashing their parts hoping someone is perving or visa versa - particularly in the showers after a workout.. Going back a fair bit  to the time I last frequented a Gym I always tried to be annonymous and got dressed quickly and not talk to anyone - particularly when in the Buff and always turn away from people when drying ones private parts and don ones undies poste haste. and most importantly during this process 'one should never Bend over.'
Vest Daily Gaggle.....Back soon.


River said…
I read this over at EC's, it's good. I don't go to gyms. I tried once; walked in and asked how much it cost. After almost an hour of showing me around and telling me all the special programs they have I finally dragged her back to my original question. $xxx to join, then $xx per visit!! If she'd told me that in the beginning, I'd have been home in time for lunch.
Echoing River. I enjoyed your story - and have never done the gym thing. I used to go to the pool (and need to go back) but gyms are not for me.

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