Words for Wednesday..A Greek Tragedy.

                                                        Words for this Wednesday


This is my Greek Tragedy.

     The more recent Greek tragedy concerning Greece, brought about by the failure of the Greeks to fulfill their obligations to the EEC, were minuscule compared to the BROAD list of indiscretions   Which could be perpetrated  by members of a  BEWILDERED and HELPLESS population under Draco's  DRACONIAN administration who had no redress if convicted and capital punishment would BE the inevitable result. It would be a toss up who was the worse tyrant he or Mr Schiclegruber  - aka Adolf H who exited our world in 1945.
     Fortunately for the Greeks  the tide turned after  a mutinous  insurrection and  Draco the unloved was unseated from power and was replaced by Solon who abolished Draco's laws and instigated laws which would IMPRESS the population , the laws included  a graduated income tax scale and  rewards for ambitious ideas
     More is the pity one cannot resurrect  Solon with a dab of Lazarus oil in order to put him to good use by using his ideas to implant into the minds of our great range of governments around the Globe.
     What our world needs is  people who specialise in the impossible.



River said…
This is good, I read it over at EC's.
Davoh said…
yes Les. remain alive. A few philosophical struggles about transferring SELF into a new and different neighborhood without all my tools and friends - slowly managing understand the "next doors" (mostly greek). do have one person one house away who sort of understands me. Female, on scooter, converses via email - now.
(she tells me that everyone around here think me eccentric). Methinks them somewhat boring ... but hey ... time will tell. Will wait. Fishing is crap. Weather crap at the moment. Wind and rain. Waiting for spring or summer. Barley and wheat crops around here are chortling - good rain , right time.
Davoh said…
Odd, really. This house is owned by a person of Greek origin. It's a 'holiday' house; purchased by a person of Greek origin. Every backyard around here is full of olive trees.
Do not speak the original or Aussie version of Greek. However, we wave our hands a lot, shout words ... and eventually come to understand what is required. meh.
Vest said…
River. Glad you liked it. Sorry about the tie being be - a visual typo, however, the rest was all gGeek to me.
Vest said…
Hi Davoh. So you are now settled among a throng of ex pat el grecko's who escaped from the land of the deminishing Drachma, pleased to know all is well although not as well as it could be,also pleased you have someone who you are able to converse with, does she do anything other than ride a scooter?

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