Seems that wet weather attracts the Ducks.

The daily showers promised for the past week failed to materialise. The wild ducks feeding in our garden  flew off to places yonder  searching for the  weather famed for attracting Ducks.
No better place for wet weather(other than Bangladesh) is Manchester England  where the rainfall exceeds all other areas in the U/K for tiddling down, 
However, the most likely time for precipitation is when a Cricket test match is scheduled, to take place at the Old Trafford Cricket ground, which doubles for Manchester's  main  reservoir in the summer season, But why in heaven they play Cricket in Manchester beggars belief as the records tell us very few games or matches ever end in a winning result.the most favoured  news releases are 'Rain stops play', or 'Match abandoned due to rain.'.. But recently the whole spectrum has become unravelled and despite the accustomed wet weather a result in the game of cricket has emerged in Manchester due mainly to the  muddled brain of the  Indian cricket captain .
    On Wednesday 6th Aug It rained in Manchester and the scheduled start on Thursday was delayed . However the pitch was deemed playable despite the wet outfield  and India won the toss and did the unthinkable and decided to bat on a 'Wet wicket'. The term 'Wet Wicket' is widely known as an unfavourable situation'.
At that magical point in time a flock of ducks descended onto the cricket ground, but not those from our garden in Australia ; Even Aussie ducks can't fly as fast as the Indian cricket team Ducks..

If you are a null and void devotee of cricket or an American, the rest of this yarn will confuse you further than it has done already- but for serious OZ strayan cricket followers the Indian scoreboard at the end of their dismal innings  Included a test record of six players with no score; or in cricket terms SIX DUCKS from their total score of their Ist innings.

    There has been a result in this test match. England won by an innings and 54  runs with two days to spare probably another record - at least for Manchester..

BTW. A duck or no score in cricket is defined by the figure 0 nought in the score book, no score, 0 being the shape of a duck egg..

Enough to scramble yer brain ennit.

Vest ....Back soon.



Definitely null and void on the cricket front. I am a fan of ducks (of the feathered variety) and would like to see some rain.
Definitely null and void on the cricket front. I am a fan of ducks (of the feathered variety) and would like to see some rain.
WALLY. said…
The pommie bowler who got 6 Indians out for 25 runs, scored two sixes from five balls faced then got one right in his dial and had his nose busted by a p'd off indian bowler.nasty stuff
Vest said…
Thankyou E C for your comment. I thought possibly the Aus Ladies cricket team may have had your attention being they are improving, you never know but one day they may even beat the England ladies team!
Vest said…
Wally: The pom bowler who got biffed on his bugle it seems has recovered and has most likely given a lot of thought to a tit for tat. BTW How's Your Mum?
Malcolm UK. said…
Subject: Fw: Scottish Independence


The Queen was visiting Scotland and Alex Salmond called by.

HM: How nice to see you Mr Salmond.

AS: Nice to see you Ma’am. Now, what are we going to call Scotland when we win Independence?

How about calling it a Kingdom, and then I’ll be a King?

HM: No, we don’t like that.

AS: Alright, so how about calling it a Principality, and then I’ll be a Prince?

HM: ....

(thinks).... No Mr Salmond, I think we should call it a Country.
Jay said…
You learn something new every day!
Lower deck lawyer. said…
Vest , Re your Email, decorated actors.
Your contribution to the war effort would give you a list to port.
Vest said…
LDL: A list to Port.Would enable the Starboard side cannons to fire further by giving them more elevation.

Malcolm: yes I did get the nature of the suggestion.

Jay: I learn somthing every Minute.

Thank you all for calling.

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