Privilege, A great starter in life.

    Recently I took up the offer from the Sydney Daily Telegraph ( delivered daily to my door) to purchase  for $25 The World wide meanderings of David Attenborough in 14 DVDs, 54  bucks if you buy them daily from your newsagent.
I am and always will be a fan of David Attenborough, his wanderings around the English countryside were likened to my childhood days in the countryside. Frogs Newts sticklebacks the brook the ponds river ,birds, hay, rabbits, gardens. you name it, I was involved..

But that was where any similarities to DA ended.

     My life as a uneducated country bumpkin ended when at exactly ten years and five months of age. I was forced into a life of deprivation at Watts Naval Training School for five years and 22 days with Two  three week holidays per year , Summer and Xmas. then on the 7th day of Jan 1942 , I was delivered to the British Royal Navy when 15 yrs and 6 months old . my captors Barnardo's Homes. received a finders fee of 25 pounds Sterling. * (*equal to ten weeks pay for a farm  hand.)

By the age of 21  I had been in the Wartime Home fleet the Med fleet the east indies and the pacific wars, plus involved in the 'Exodous saga in the med in !947 and sailed a couple of hundred thousand miles.

Reading a biography of David Attenborough. It stated he was born eight weeks before me ,  and joined the British Royal  Navy as a middy I presume for his privileged national service at age 21. totally missing any conflict and stationed in Wales and Scotland leaving the RN when 23 as a Sub/ Lt. This came about by being nurtured by privilege, having wealthy parents and a college education. Or being a pacifist perhaps?

Our most indelible moments in the past are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them; for those experiences have left unforgettable impressions, and we are ever reminded of them.

Have an exciting weekend, get out and smell the flowers.

Vest.... Back soon.


River said…
I can't watch those David Attenborough shows. The content is fascinating but his voice bores me to sleep, just can't listen to him for more than a minute.
The original silver spoon in his mouth.
Despite his privileged beginnings he has done some exceptional work.
A great weekend to you, to Rosemary and to your furry friends as well.

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